So...who is the most likely presidential candidate in 2016 to reschedule MaryJane

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  1. Just wondering who everyone thinks will have the balls???

  2. None of them..that's an issue most politicians choose to stay away from because they are too scared it will lose them votes.
  3. Nobody that will make it past the primaries would make that a priority
    Marijuana legalization/decriminalization is going to happen on a state-by-state basis
    So the more important problem is how to get a proposition or initiative like that on the ballot in your own state
  4. Idk dude, but it better be legal asap! Haha

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  5. i can see either one of the 2 major party candidates being forced into rescheduling it to a sched 2 or 3 narcotic.. but that's as far as it will go on the federal level.
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    how so?
    isn't this the same Rand Paul that endorsed Romney for president and voted for sanctions against Iran?
    doesn't sound very Libertarian to me..
    maybe his rhetoric is a little bit libertarian leaning, but he's an establishment republican.
    He had to endorse Romney and I think if the Sanctions Vote ever was brought to the floor of the Senate and no pressure was brought to vote one way or another, there would be lots of (D) and (R) votes for them.
    While yes, he may be somewhat of an establishment Republican, it is something you need to do if you want to get elected.  But trust me, he scares the shit of the old school establishment Republicans.
    Why?  As long as it is not illegal on the Federal level, let the states decide. 
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    why did he have to endorse romney?
    and that's even worse if he voted for sanctions with no pressure to vote either way..
    Rand Paul should change his last name.. he's no Ron that's for sure.
  10. This guy. :D

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    because the feds can shut down dispensaries and cuff people for growing that's why.
    Oh wait, you mean that the feds legalize it, but the states decide weather they want to sell it or not? Is it that way with alcohol or cigarettes in any state?
    No he is not.  But he has made it farther.
  13. it will take our voices regardless of who is in office
  14. Rand Paul from Kentucky? Only one I heard of so far. He was on Bill Maher the other day.
  15. I think we need to pass it on a federal level create a bill or law or whatever that says cannabis is ok . I don't know about the personal liberty so though people gonna be like well if you can smoke bud I can smoke crack they both come from a plant . I be like no crack is whack say no to but cannabis should be the exception to the drug rule.

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