So who had a better day than me? NO ONE.

Discussion in 'General' started by Bong_Smoke, May 15, 2006.

  1. It started off with a omelette with bacon and cheese with hashbrowns, then a few hours later me and my friend went and smoked a J, surrounded by tree's and nature, then i came home to a home cooked dinner, Porkchops,corn,potatoes,etc.

    Fuck yeah.
  2. Hmm.. sorry man, but just eating food doesn't really sound like THAT great of a day
  3. congrats on having a good day, but how did two home cooked meals and a joint in the woods made your day better than everyone elses in the entire world?

    i helped my dealer pass our humanities final today, and the deal was, the next time he buys a few lbs from a guy i introduced him to in my town, i can pick up as much as i want at the lb price!!! FUCK YEAH!!! and i'm picking up an ounce tonight.

    so i had a pretty good day, and my girlfriend just called and told me that my bag is now officially dry, so i need some buds asap.
  4. uh, i smoked 2 grams of dank in my backyard...... then munched out with shit in my house for a while, and i'm fixing to pick up some acid.

    So yeah i'd say my days looking a bit better than yours :)
  5. it was better then mine.
  6. You guys take things too literal, i just enjoyed my time in the woods, the joint, and the good food.

  7. thats what i was thinking

    if eating makes a day great, jesus christ i should be the happiest person on the planet

    as for me i domed 2 blunts out back by my pond, worked at home today for 2 hours (easy ass work might i add) i ate a bacon sandwich, and i'm about to eat dinner and smoke 2 or 3 more blunts once my herb arrives
  8. bahh..well after a longg tired weekend... prom... after party till like 5am etc... i stayed home today from school..didnt feel to good felt kinda sick.. smoked 2 bowls outside and came in and jus played some computer games and chilled and watched tv...thats jus bout it
  9. I woke up at 12, wake and bake with roommate, trip to spangles for food mmm burgers, came back and smoked some more skunk with roommate and a couple friends who came by, smoked smoked, chilled on the porch smoked a joint, then probably going to go get pizza or something for dinner in a bit and after that people will probably come over to drink/smoke a few blunts. My day is looking good, no final for me until thursday.
  10. roadhead down a1a sounds better i think i win, but i do like hashbrowns
  11. Sounds like a damn good day to me... I would kill for some blunts right now. I think I'm gonna pick up a sack later. Good food does make a day quite a bit better, as does weed. So the only thing you were missing was... cars and sex.
  12. If I start out with a good wake n' bake then a nice hearty breakfast, I know my day is going to be good.

  13. yeah it was senior skip day at my school today too.

  14. Simple pleasures are the best.

    To the Original Poster... good on ya.
  15. Sounds like an action packed day :)

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