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So... wheres south carolina?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by TurtleWeekend, Aug 3, 2011.

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    I just read a whole thing on medicinal marijuana, the current legal states, the pending states, and other jazz. nothing had south carolina. A couple days ago i wrote a letter to our Governor to hopefully make a difference, i mean you never know what one person can do.

    Anyone know info about mmj in south carolina? :wave:

    Edit: I have severe depression and social anxiety, and whenever i have smoked some reefer, even mid (although i dislike) helps alot with it.
  2. Haven't really seen much about South Carolina. Keep your eyes peeled though, you never know what the government is gonna do these days.
  3. pretty much mmj is gonna be tough as shit in sc. South Carolina is a very... eh..... Lets just say a large portion of the population are old people who moved here for low property taxes (at least where i live), the rest of the population being dumb or extremist religious people.
  4. I was in South Carolina and moved to Oregon last year. I'm rather despairing of our home state progressing with MMJ any time (soon, in my lifetime, ever:confused:)
  5. don't hold your breath
  6. Don't you just love America?
  7. Hows everyone doing?? Just moved here from pa, living in summerville. Any fellow tokers in the area? Looking forward to meeting some of you
  8. I live in Anderson, SC (near the foothills) and I wrote our senator Lindsey Graham and he sent me a letter back a few days later. Basically it just said a bunch of propaganda. To quote, "Marijuana is a dangerous substance that has detrimental effect on the health of anyone who uses it...I support enforcing our current laws relating to the purchase, distribution, and consumption of illegal substaces." Then to really be a dick he says "I can guarantee you I will give your thoughts and opinions the consideration they deserve". The letter is obviously a template (for one thing his signature is a stamp) so I take this as an insult. I mean he is obviously not giving my "thoughts and opinions the consideration they deserve" if he can't even send a personal letter but acts like he cares. What a politician...

  9. You're living my dream. I live in Aiken, Sc right now and can't see it getting passed anytime soon.

    I want to move to Oregon so badly.

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