so.. where were you on 9/11?

Discussion in 'General' started by Samus, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. i figure the other 9/11 thread is more of remembrance and respects, so i thought id make this.. where were you on 9/11?

    just to set the tone, i am in an alternative program at my high school, where theres a big room and like 4 little rooms branching off it. most people have all of their classes in these rooms, and its very laid back.

    i was at school, in my first hour. i didnt even know what the WTC were exactly. it was weird. in my first hour, we finished watching a video on how to escape from a house on fire. we went on our little break to get some food, this was at like 8:15. came back 20 minutes later, and all the TVs in the HAP (hopkins alternative program) room had these two huge buildings, one on fire, and in the corner of the screen was the pentagon on fire. i thought "how ironic"

    i move to my other class, which took me about 5 minutes (had to socialize, this was all over) and by the time i got to my next class, both of the towers were on fire. i watched them fall, and we watched the TV for the next two weeks and played cards in each class while the TV was on.

    there were rumors all over the school. i remember they evacuated like every skyscraper in america. i know i will never forget where i was and who i was with. hell, exactly one year after that, the 1 year anniversary, we had an assembly and i broke up with my girlfriend that day! its not going to be forgotten. its like how to me, stuff like the titanic sinking or pearl harbor seem so surreal, like it couldnt have happened. and thats probably how it will seem to my children. but ill have seen it with my own eyes, and we even have video documentation. something that i saw will one day be in my childrens text books.

    feel free to type as much as you want about 9/11.
  2. time flies.
    I was working in the Deans office at my college when I heard the news.

    thats all I want to say :/

    edit, and Ill never forget the gathering to talk about what had happened in the gymnasium. the look on peoples faces. unforgettable. a chilling scared unbelievable feeling.
  3. I was at my Mom and Dads Car Shop when i was flipping threw the channels and saw the first WTC building burning so i watched it wasent exactly sure what was happning thought it was a movie , Then the 2nd plane hit i couldent beleive it i ran outside and yelled for my mom to come in later on i got picked up early from school when i got picked up my mom was in tears. I dident find out till later than the Pentagon was hit after i Left.
  4. i was on my way to GermanII, which is at West High School (i went to East) and the princable came out to the bus because he always did and was liike 'well i guess they will be talking about that for a few days" .... then we got to german and the teacher was a mean bastard, he wouldn't let us watch it. So we had to hear about it next hour
  5. I just happened to be watching the Today show at home, folding towels and getting baked. All of a sudden they show the tower on fire, saying that a small plane crashed into it and while I'm sitting there in shock, I watched the second plane fly into the next tower. I almost couldn't breathe. I got on the phone and started calling people and then I was glued to the tv forever afterwards.Then everything else started unfolding. I'll never forget exactly how I felt, where I was sitting, the weather, who I talked to...I'll never forget the anger, the tears and the confusion I felt.

    I'll never forget.
  6. I was sitting in my room all pissed about having nothing left to smoke but resin. I turned on the news and saw one of the towers burning. After I saw the second plane hit I knew there was more to this than a fire. I woke up everyone else in my house and we sat there watching it.

    I started out with a resiny wake 'n bake and ended up with a life changing event.
  7. just waking up for school, tv was turned on, i was still lying in bed watching the today show... it progressivly got worrse as i got dessed and ate breakfast.. five minutes before i had to walk out my door the buildings began to collapse
  8. in la clase de espanol..then a fat guy from nextdoor came running in to tell us..:)
  9. holding my thumbs up...
  10. I was at school in drama class. All the seniors had gotten out of class to go outside and get our class panoramic picture taken. A couple people mentioned something about terrorists doing something, but no one really payed much attention because someone's always trying to cause a commotion in our class.

    So we finished taking the picture and I walked back down to the auditorium (also our nuke fallout shelter) and my teacher was in a panic. Her brother worked in the Pentagon and it was hit by a plane. The WTC was hit, too. It didn't really hit me at first what really happened. After a few minutes we were able to get a TV that worked out there. We turned it on and started watching, and not 30 seconds later the second tower fell. That's when it hit me the seriousness of what happened. I was numbed and didn't know what to do, but watch. All I did in the rest of my classes that day was watch the news and pray.
  11. i was at work just fineshing for the day , didny find out what happent until i came home then i saw live thet the second plaine crashed , then the rest off the day me and to friends sat in front off the tv smoking hasj
  12. I was in bed recovering from a wicked night of drinkin'. By the time I got up, it was all pretty much over.
  13. surfing grasscity... still a little groggy from waking up... dad walks in and tells me....

    .... after i got over teh disbelief, the shock hit me.

    i think one of the first things i said (besides HOLY FUCK) would have been... "SEE, DIDNT I FUCKING TELL YOU ALL SHIT WAS GONNA HAPPEN IF BUSH GOT IN POWER!!!?!!!"


    it should have never happened.
  14. I was sleeping, it was early afternoon and my mom calls me and tells me "We're being attacked by terrorists."

    From that moment on my day was very surreal. They kept showing the towers falling from like every angle. Every news anchor in the country had a boner.

    I think a lot of the information going around after 9-11 was bullshit. They just kept talking so you wouldn't shut off the TV and go on with your life. Network to network the story differed a little.
  15. to all the people that just went to work that day........
    to all the children who never knew anything....

    kind of bongish such a loss, take care
  16. aaawww...**hugs & kisses** for bongish;)my heart goes out to u and to all involved in 9/11. such a tragedy that should of never happened.

    i was folding laundry,watchin t.v., hubs was out of town working, my daughter was at school, little guy running around, i was watchin t.v. and and i just couldn't believe what i had seen. my heart just sank. unbelieveable. shit i was scared and i live in canada(meaning it was happening in the states). i thought this is it. the big one is comin. scared out of my wits. watchin cnn like a hawk. it was a sad, sad day for way too many people.

  17. please tell me that doesn't mean what I think it means.
  18. I was making breakfast and playing with my cousin when the first tower was aunt was watching the news and called me over. We were watching the news and saw the 2nd tower get hit. I remember how at first they thought it was an accident until the 2nd one.

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