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So where is grasscity from?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dannyboyx8wire, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. So I've been on here for awhile, and was wondering where the majority of you live? I only ask because I've noticed some very different prices than over here. In Vegas a gram will go for $20($25 rarely, when we make special trips out to Cali for Medical). Usually nothing short of dank, and a quarter will go for 90-100. Dealers are usually pretty generous out here too, with regular hook ups, even if they barely know you. (Maybe I'm just a lovable character.)
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  2. New York City is an amazing city:
    In here, you can find every weed, from amazing dankestry to shitty schwagger
    The price ranges about $50 for 2 grams (sometimes 2.5) of some mids goin on
    dank. The general rule here is if you are meeting with your dealer outside, most of the times you can't check if he pinched your sack, so you have to trust him. Dealers like that USUALLy (not always) deal with mids and lower grade weed. The real shit is with the home delivery services and dealers who come over. Many companies set up around the city, which you can just call, and in about an hour a nice rasta will come by your crib and sell some "Green Crack" (hilarious strain name)
  3. Toronto, Ontario here. I'm pretty lucky with where I live...I usually pick of quarters of no-name dank for $40-45. If I want some exo strains the price will jump to $60+ a quarter.
  4. chino california

    8th Dank:35

    Quad Dank-80

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