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So when you gonna let me hit that?

Discussion in 'General' started by DankDankMax, May 25, 2011.

  1. Basically it's a game where you text "So when you gonna let me hit that?" preferable in the middle of a convo with a random girl (or a guy lol) and post the reply.

    So who has the gut? :D
  2. Saw this on Mlgpro forums like 2 years ago :x Potentially a funny ass thread :)
  3. Bumping in anticipation...
  4. I checked my phonebook...and there's nobody I want to get down with. Again :D
  5. I'll admit, I'm way toooo much of a pussy to ever try this.

  6. Me too hahaha.... But I might text a girl if this thread will survive long enough :p
  7. Im gonna try this later tonight
  8. i do this all the time, i wasn't aware it was a game though.
  9. i just sent it to 5 females. i'll let you know how it goes
  10. thats been my standard pick up line for about 10 years
  11. #11 Broosh, May 26, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 26, 2011
    Response #1: "Lol"
    Response #2: "you're funny" My Response "ain't no joking about hittin it" Her Response: "me neither" My Response: "so when you gonna let me smash" Her Response: "shut up Sam"
    Response #3: "lol the day you buy me a bouquet of daisies" My Response: "i can get those now" Her Response: "i thought you had a new oriental lover" My Response: "yeah but she has a boyfriend"
    Response #4: "Lol when you don't have 32 girlfriends" My Response: "how about I won't have 32 when you dont' have 1 boyfriend ;-)"
    Response #5: "Whenever you want ;-)"

    i'll update this post as i get more
  12. Response 1: If you wife wouldn't kill me, sure!

    Response 2: Aren't you married lol, I ain't a homewrecker
  13. ima do it right now hold up
  14. she said, "lol idk". lol
  15. Responcs 3: Haha, well;) it'd be nice to try something new

    Response 4: Fuck me like an animal giggity ( best friend)

    Response 5: I thought we swore never to do that again ( the woman I lost my virginity to)
  16. Other two didnt hit me back yet but wait up yo
  17. "When do you want to?"
    ... I am so confused
  18. ^ ummm try saying "right now"
  19. Sent it to 9 people...a mixture of boys and girls.

    And the waiting begins...
  20. are you all being nice about it or straight forward?

    because i'm doing straight "when ya gonna let me hit it?"

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