So when exactly did Purple haze go extinct?

Discussion in 'General' started by chronicman00, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Everyone is making these claims when it comes to PH. So if someone could provide some sources or proof that it is that would be great because I cant find any legit source that says it is. Thanks.
  2. yeah bro great thread i also wanted to know..
  3. i would imagine that some people have some original PH clones lying around. Hardly the proof you're looking for, but i highly doubt it's "extinct".
  4. It was way to much of a mainstream strain to just go extinct im sure theres still some out there
  5. I know man I dont see how any strain could go extinct in 30-40 years it bugs me when people say its "extinct" ITS NOT EXTINCT ITS JUST REALLY RARE!
  6. Are we talking about the acid or the strain of MJ?

  7. this is a marijuana forum. so marijuana is my best guess ;)
  8. :rolleyes:I was joking:rolleyes:
  9. I've seen it at the clubs and I have a clone from the club growing right now outside.
  10. it will be exactly 27 years 2 weeks after this coming labor day
  11. Purple Haze is not extinct. It's floating around.

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