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So when do you do spark up the 2nd joint/blunt/bowl/etc.?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BlackChucks, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. So when do you spark it up right away or wait a bit?:smoke:
    Which one do you think gives you a better high?
  2. Right away = better high, Wait a bit = longer high.

  3. I like to space out my bowls. It helps me maintain a nice comfortable high.
  4. either way = high
  5. Right now lol we must have ESP
  6. right after the 1st blunt is done
  7. Try to maintain high as long as possible to me no point in wasting all your your herb to get stupid high then have none left.
  8. I usually smoke the first one and then talk, eat, socialize. When I start to come down is when I spark up the next. If I have a lot, I'll go two straight bowls.
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    agreed...I just like to maintain a comfortable high. It helps my back pain and migraines I get sometimes. I wish it was medically available in Texas...:/
  10. I'm really new to herb. I've been waiting an hour between bowls and sometimes more if I get caught in a movie or something.
  11. I just smoke my weed dude.............
  12. Bowl down, roll joint and smoke J...J down, load bowl and smoke bowl. So...Whenever I finish the first.:cool:
  13. just smoke man! lol

    you'll know when the time comes :p
  14. get a circle, pack a bowl in the bong, pack a bowl in the pipe, back a bowl in the second pipe, roll a joint, roll a blunt, roll another blunt, then pass them around and smoke all of them at once
  15. keep smoking never put it down
  16. I don't really have a set system when I smoke. I just blaze up whenever I feel like it.
  17. sounds like a punchline
  18. nah smoke 2 bowls or a joint then wait until the very intense part of you high is gone (30-45 minutes) then smoke another joint or load another bowl
  19. when im with friends and light up a joint we wait around 40 minutes to light another
  20. When we realize that there's more weed to be smoked.

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