so whats with all the conspiracy theories?

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  1. just this week ive heard like 10 stories that the world will collapse or dramaticaly change within a couple weeks so far ive seen 3 of them come and go are there always these stories and im just now finding them or what??:confused:
  2. There was this crazy one.. Saying California was going to be hit by a hurricane in August, then a "mega quake" in September, followed by an invasion of the US.

    But none of it happened.. I think you could find something for everyday of every year saying the world will end. lol
  3. Conspiracy theorists are just what they have always been, people who make their knowledge fit their pre-conceived conclusions, rather than the other way around.
  4. On the other hand you also have the people who takes things as they are with no intention on actually finding anything out.

    Bottom line, people are stupid
  5. good to hear,i just hate to read these stories when im baked nd im like :eek: oh no its gonna go to hell and i spend like 3 hrs making a plan then im like that was fuckin dumb the whole things bs:mad:
  6. "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
    -Albert Einstein
  7. Oh Albert Einstein...
  8. Just out of curiosity, care to share some of your 3-hour planning ideas while high off paranoia?

    Just wondering how a stoner would plan for the end of the world vs. a sober person. I'm guessing the biggest stockpile of weed and munchies I've ever seen...:D
  9. haha nope actualy biggest plan was maybe some seeds but honestly more on how to keep i and my family safe ie move to the dense part of the woods take all my guns and reloading station and containers for water and all non parishables all the gas possible/ chainsaw/all tools/building supplies/lighters/dogs/ pots and pans/covers/brick and stone and how to split it all up in between about 5 cars/trucks and spend the first couple months and how im going to live the rest of my life pretty much as a hunter/gatherer
  10. People have come up with conspiracy theories since the beginning of time.

    And end of the world theories.

    Now, mostly they're bullshit. But if someone wants to tell that to the dinosaurs......I'll be happy to invent a time machine.

    Things are ever changing. 100 years from now I promise you, the world will not look like it does today. Nothing the same. People will be like "Facebook? primitive!!!"

    Historically though, the world has been mostly wiped out a few times. The first major recorded wipeout, killed 90% of marine life, and roughly 70% of land life. The dinosaur end....clearly lead to the end of the most powerful creatures ever to walk the earth.

    At our current rate of forest consumption, ozone depletion, and so on, humans will not survive 100 more years. Ie....we recognize it, because it's really going to happen...again....for the umpteenth time in this worlds history.

    Now, if we're smart, we have the ability to destroy this planet, and conversely the ability to save it. But we're not moving toward the latter hardly at all. Now the whole "Go green" theory is commercialized. You buy a solar powered car to help the economy, but 99% of businesses are still trying to make the most out of what we have.......and hugely benificial things... (I don't know, lets say hemp production) is illegal....

    I wouldn't call them theories, but rather predictions. We are going to destroy this world if humanity does not change. It's that simple. It might happen in 2012, it might happen in 2500....

    The 2012 theory is mostly based on the Mayan calendar. Then again, at the time that calendar was far fetched anyway. But there is a notable alignment going on in 2012, that scientist believe happened about 86,000 years ago.... During the ice age, it didn't have a huge effect, but there weren't cities like New York around. It was the last "great extinction", and while humans survived (Having been around for about 190,000 years), there is belief that the event could cause a polar change, and so on.

    Kill all humans? Unlikely...but a huge disruption in the general state of the world, could cause another mass extinction, to include humans. *Shrug*
  11. It isnt if you think about it. I mean the current theories may never come to pass but sooner or later some shit is gonna happen and you are going to wish you prepared for it. You never know when shit is gonna hit the fan
  12. I like conspiracy theories. If they're plausible, then I look at something from a completely different angle that I've never thought of before. If it's crazy, I get to tell myself, "well at least I'm not that crazy" and I feel better about myself
  13. Or maybe you are already so crazy that the theories are actually very logical :eek:
  14. Bottom line. Whether it be war, asteroids, aliens, a bus, or anything else you can think of.. Don't be afraid, man, live your life cause it could be taken away at ANYtime.
  15. dun dun dun!

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