so, What's the Truth?

Discussion in 'General' started by Wizards, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Or find someone to embrace it for me
  2. if thats you in your prof pic ill accept your white ass :devious:
  3. The truth is new year is right around the corner. Ima go pack a bowl now :)
  4. Yeah thats me unfortunately :l
    Baha im hard to accept but im sure youll find a way

  5. oh dear, you must've misundertsood me. it is a simple fact that white people pioneered all those musical genres and continue to keep them alive to this day. same goes with the clothes. just like black people invented rap and pioneered the gangsta style.

    as for D), most minorities simply dont do those things. there are exceptions, but there are also white kids who talk in urban slang and sag their pants.

    its no secret that you are using this opportunity to take out some righteous indignation on someone you think is a rascist. rascists being a soft target for anyone who wants to look like a good guy.

    well i'll have you know my last girlfreind was black, my weedman is even blacker, i got two black aunts who popped out a shitload of black cousins, i hang with a grip of mexicans, and my grandma is fresh off the boat filippino. i'm well aquainted with racial differences from direct experience. differences are good. it would suck to be the same. each race has their good qualities and deficiencies.

    it is people like you who divide the races! while ur busy being a politically correct nazi, im chillin with mexicans speaking fucked up spanish and getting high with them. im busy banging black chicks. political correctness just divides us and makes us uncomfortable. everything should be out in the open so we can be REAL freinds with other races instead of just speaking of them fondly in private.
  6. Oooh Im liking this guy
  7. sorry but it came off as if you thought one race was superior to the other. my mistake, racism is just one thing that really grinds my gears.
  8. How can you speak such blasphemy?!?:eek:

  9. I feel like it's all I eat lol. There is SOOOOO much chicken in my diet.

  10. Just remember what racism really is. It definitely grinds my gears too though.
  11. i know a story of a group of horses who were rascist against a zebra until they actually got to talking, then they realized that they werent so much different. one was a horse, the other a horse with stripes. one of those previously rascist horses went on to write a song that goes a little somthing like: We may be divided
    But of you all, I beg
    To remember we're all hoofed
    At the end of each leg
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  13. so true. the existence of SPARTANS and LORD OF THE RINGS alone are enough to make white people pretty fuckin awesome

    and ur right. blondes=best girls in the world

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