so, What's the Truth?

Discussion in 'General' started by Wizards, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. [ame=]Louis CK - Being White - YouTube[/ame]
  2. A) music doesn't belong to anyone group
    B) white people didn't "make" any clothes "cool"
    C) theres a stigma on other races because alot white people can't evolve past racial differences, kinda like you.
    D) you think people of color don't play frisbee, have snowball fights, skate, or climb stuff??
    gawdd id like to say somethings but won't because i don't want an infraction.

    don't be so damn pretentious.

  3. i said hottest, not easiest! loljk, but seriously i just let them pass by. more for you.

    it was funny, i was talking to my mexican freind today and he was like "you guys are lucky for being able to bang those white girls, i cant never get me a white girl!"
  4. Fuck white on white, ima have me some mixed babies :mad:

  5. Da fuq?...
  6. so high. hahaha
  7. yesss..? C:

  8. You realize how many different ethnicitys envelop the caucasian race right?
  9. Mmm im quite aware I was just being ignorant because im tired of my mexican friends moms cooking meals everyday while my white mom doesnt give a shit :c
  10. My Irish/Italian father makes some excellent foods, while my polish mother tends to make some awesome polish holiday meals. While our friends who are German have unique palette, similiar to polish but very very different. While our British neighbors, well they just eat weird stuff.

    Idk, I think your problem is your ethnicity, not your race ;)

    I want a mexican friend tho to make me food :wah: this italia food is boring as fuck
  11. I think my problem exceeds my issue with my race :l
  12. well you will probably be having your bike stolen pretty soon then.. white people always are getting their bikes stolen..:smoke::smoke:

  13. i live in utah I CAN'T EVEN BIKE DOWN THE STREET YO
  14. nah im cool with the folks in my hood

  15. fellas we got ourselves a rice queen ova here
  16. No howwww
  17. welll idk if wat u said means u like asian guys but i just guessed that based on how u said it

    no but for real tho, i agree that (east) asian culture is badass

    but traditional european culture is just as cool . . . . . . . norse mythology, greek mythology, fuckin lord of the rings, all the flagship cool shit made by whites

    have some pride girl
  18. Haa yeah I guess thats what I was implying.

    Mm I know I should have some pride it'll be healthier if I accept and embrace my white ass

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