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so, What's the Truth?

Discussion in 'General' started by Wizards, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. im white.
  2. I am also white
  3. It kinda blows

  4. Our race is so oppressed.
  5. Nah in my opinion just super boring with lack of flavor and culture and asians are just so pretty and awesome those bastards
  6. I'm white outside and brown inside..
    What am I?

    Chocolate cake with vanilla frosting.
  7. You didnt give me a chance to guess

  8. My apologize, I was just so eager to tell you:rolleyes:
  9. Dont give me that nonsense
  10. No nonsense given. I am a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting covered all over me
  11. Crackaaa right here
  12. I'm sorry, what's the topic ?

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  13. Proof
  14. personally i love being white. metal, punk, indie, alternative, acoustic, and pretty much every kind of rock music belongs to us. so does electronica and all its subgenres. white people also made all the awsome clothes. except for tall tees and saggy pants and stuff like that, which come to think of it are not awsome. white people do the awsomest stuff when we hang out because there is no cultural stigma on us NOT to do certain things like there is with other races. thats why you see grown white men playing frisbee in the park and acting like buffoons with their freinds in public and bombing public streets with longboards and having snowball fights and climbing stuff, etc etc, cus we can!

    i aint doggin on people who arent white, but bein white is awwwwwwriiiiight! oh yeah and white girls are the hottest dont lie.
  15. You spelled 'Latinas' wrong.
  16. ...mmm you nekkid
  17. I was thinking something more like this. Mmm.


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