So, what's the point of this here forum

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by budburner, Apr 28, 2002.


Pandora's box should be

  1. completely un-moderated.

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  2. partially moderated.

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  3. deleted because it serves no specific function.

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  1. Hi all, lovely idea for the \"new\" forum.

    (Not so new anymore, but hell, I just found it!)

    I was really excited about the prospect of an un-moderated forum. But then I noticed the little disclaimer about the admin being able to edit things that are insulting, provocative, or offensive.

    Excuse me........ but isn\'t that the rule for the entire board? Pretty much anything goes as long as it\'s not an attack on our members?

    Why do we have a forum specifically for things that might be offensive or provocative and then ban it?

    If it\'s going to be Pandora’s box, then let\'s not treat it like it\'s Barney\'s box!

    Let\'s get this shit on the road! Is this the box of Pandora, or the box of politically correct Pandora?
  2. Excellent point budburner!! I agree 100%!! :smoking:
  3. I dont mind it being partially moderated. Some people will eventually take a good thing to far. We can vent at each other but shouldnt use slander. We can vent at the world but can be race specific.

    soy contento

  4. Hmmm a good thing too far?

    Possibly....... but

    One thing a person should be able to accept (if not expect) in a forum such as this is some unedited expressed thoughts.

    We expect to be able to hold constructive conversations outside Pandora\'s box without going over the line of conduct that is enforced at this board.

    Inside this un-moderated forum, though, should be a different story.

    If you don\'t like discussing things with such restraints lifted, then this is the only forum you shouldn\'t be in. Period.

    I think we\'re starting to change our \"tolerant\" stance around here and I don\'t want it to go to far. Some rescent actions taken are the start of a slippery slope towards out and out censorship.

    Adding \"Pandora\'s box\" is a move in the right direction. ;)

    We have to decide whether we are a site that tolerates differences in people, or if we are going to label ourselves as a \"conservative\" site that only allows what we like to see or hear.

    I think we should ponder these things before we just start removing things that offend us. Wouldn\'t it be better to discuss the offending behavior with the offender?

    Then instead of just ramming our solution down their necks we can possibly convince somebody to change their mind a little. (Be it on either side of the discussion.)
  5. I like the idea of a completely unmoderated forum. If people want to talk shit then they should be able to, and if it offends you then you shouldn\'t read it. I don\'t think that any posts in this section should be moderated or deleted for content. I could see maybe if somebody was posting pictures or links that were illegal or innapropriate, but I think that people should be able to say whatever they want.
  6. Thanks for the welcome back, critter. :eek:

    Sounds good to me! I was thinking on the way home from work today that things could get more nasty than we could really tolerate.

    (I\'m thinking like posting people\'s ip address and the such).

    So yeah, I can see why some things should be not allowed. I think we all have common sense enough to know what needs to be done.

    I support your decision to delete the \"ugly\" pictures. It\'s just downright mean to post pictures like that. I work with mental patients and many of them are disfigured. They would be so set back in community inclusion if they found their pictures at the ugly site. We have a hard enough time getting them to be included in society without something like that bogging them down.

    But we should be careful not to edit everything that gets a complaint. That would be perfect discussion material in this forum! (moohoohaahaahaaaa)
  7. Everythings cool \'till some clown shows up and gets the party busted.
    Of course some things should not have to be tolerated. Myself, I come here because I DON\'T get harassed.
    Pandora\'s Box is a perfect place to off on a rant-for anyone. A place where you should expect to get some shit if you\'re givin\' it.
    But you all know as well as I, someone will come along...............
  8. Hmmm, I think I\'m starting to see the light here.

    So as long as we\'re really tolerant of most things and only edit things that are really really off the wall nasty bad we might be ok.

    I don\'t want things to get out of hand either. The way I see it, as long as the discussions are productive than anything goes.

    Although I can see things turning into a nasty name calling contest. (Hey, that gives me an idea for a new thread! j/k)

    So ok, I\'ll back off on the 100% no editing. But I would like most things to be left un-touched in \"the box\".

    I can\'t help but thinking we\'re opening a can of worms that we possibly don\'t want. People can be assholes if they think they are being mis-treated.

    If things get too bad we can always shitcan the whole forum. (Well, somebody can shitcan it, myself no longer included.)
  9. critter, just like a Dad to throw the instructions away before the toy is assembled!!! Lmao! :smoking:
  10. if you dont want to go in here you dont have to you know so a completely un moderated forum would be good to let people say what they want
  11. This forum should have been called Yahooka.

    In relation to this forum if there is no moderation there will be people who will push things past the limit of tolerance.

    Do you think if i started talking about your momma\'s P***y that would be OK? Or maybe I say that your wife or girl friend eats donkey d***s would be ok?

    Just my thinking of what could take place if not moderated to a certain point.

    Keep the faith
  12. i def say totally unmoderated.... just my opinion an unmoderated forum should be... well, unmoderated....
  13. Critter, I don\'t know what you\'re talking about with the area 51 thing. ;)

    But I think I like that idea.

    One thing to keep in mind about posts like \"yo mamma so fat.....\":

    If we can keep our composure and not feed into these kinds of posts then it won\'t be a problem.

    If we point out (rightly so, by the way) that posts like that are generally from immature people who have no real intellect. (If they are serious and trying to use something like that as a retort.)

    I don\'t think it would last long if we all treated that kind of behavior exactly like it is....... childish.

    If we don\'t sink to the depths and respond with something even nastier it won\'t stand. If we take the valid points in the post (if there is any) and argue those points the extraneous bullshit will fade in to the background.

    Ya just gotta be strong enough to not react to the childishness. It took me a few months of being called a \"fucking bitch\" and \"motherfucker\" and \"ass hole\" and being told things like \"I\'m going to kill you\" and \"I\'m going to bite you\" and \"I\'m going to puke on you\" at work to realize exactly what those kind of statements are.

    They are things said by a person who is scared or does not know enough to realize what statements like that are.

    I think we\'ll probably leave this forum pretty much alone as far as content. We\'ll discuss it amongst ourselves (the mods/admin) and decide on a case by case basis.

    If the shit gets too deep we can ax the whole fucking forum and go back to the way we were before....... nice and peaceful.
  14. Its the place where i like to chill out in :) i love this forum.

  15. budburner.....I gotta hand it to ya,,I like the way your clock ticks.

    I often thought this was basically as you said \"barney\'s box\"..I automatically when it started felt pandora\'s box was the place to bitch,or rant about whatever a person needed to get of the \'ol chest...It seems though ,,at this point,,that most members..really don\'t have alot to bitch about..,,for those that come to the box to merely be childish,,I see that most members can \"police themselves\" concerning the rediculous. If it does get out of hand,,,someone will certainly report it to Admin/Mods..

    IMO..Having this space ,,will allow the other forums to remain courteous,and respectful......any moderation of this box,,or its basic content,,I agree,,should be left to the \"situation\" basis.

  16. NdicaBud that\'s exactly how I feel, I totally agree 100%. Moderating should be on a \"situation\" basis, and really only for the absolutely offensive material (i.e. displaying other peoples\' personal info, etc).

    I\'m cool with whatever though!!
  17. I like the idea of a partially moderated Pandora\'s Box. I just remember alot of nastiness when I used to post on Yahooka. Mainly, in the infamous free for all forum... [​IMG] Maybe alot of ex-Yahookans just don\'t want to relive a bad experience?
  18. EXACTLY!!!!
  19. Oh No.........

    Ugh..........I feel my power......


    leaving me.........

    OOOOOOooooooh.......woooooooe is me..............

    woe now;)

  20. Yahooka? Is that still around? LOL I find very few posts that I can even relate to over there anymore. Let the kiddies have it. This is my home now.

    I still love your smilies, justme.
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