So what's the point in contacting your government officials?

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    When you just recieve a response such as:

    "Thank you for your e-mails to Governor Sanford regarding the legalization of marijuana for medicinal use. We appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts with us. However, this administration neither supports nor advocates change on this front. Please know the Governor does support current state law regarding the use of marijuana.

    Again, thanks for writing.


    Susan Duncan
    Policy Advisor"

    Another response from the senator Lindsey O Graham:

    "I do not support the decrim illegal drugs. Rather, I support enforcing our current laws relatin to the purchase, distribution, and consumption of illegal substances. At a time when illegal drugs use remains unacceptable high amount our nations's tennagers, the federal government must do everything possible to discourage their use. Marijuana is a dangerous substance that has a detrimental effect on the health of anyone who uses it.

    Additionall, I do not supprot the use ofmarijuan for medicinal purposes. The Drug Enforcemnt Agency has issued its final rule of THC, clarifying that is hsall be lassified as scheduel I controoled substances, making THC, which is included in the compostion of marijuana, illegal. Marijuana has proven psychoactive effect and is a halluciogenic substance with a high potential for abuse. I support theis rule and, as such, do not support the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Any slight medical benefit marijuana may elicity does not outweigh the negative potential for abuse.

    As you many be aware, Attorney Gerneral Eric Holder has announced that hte Justice Department will not prosecute purveryors of medical marijuana provided they are in complaice with the state and local laws. I do not support the policy, as I feel it is tantamount ot federal legalization of medical marijuana and creates an inconsistent federal enforment policy between states.

    Lidsey O. Graham
  2. Well you're writing to the wrong person for one. The governor doesn't write laws. Write to your local Legislature representatives. It's no guarantee that anything will happen (in a republic system like we have now the most an elected official is obliged to do is politely listen to your concerns, though it is a good idea to keep tabs on what the electorate wants). They don't have to do anything.

    But if enough people in your state support it and a lot of Legislators are getting letters about it they might think twice about defending a status quo their electorate doesn't seem to like.
  3. I got the same type of response from my state legislators, I just decided "Why the hell now. Let me send this same letter to the governor"
  4. Yea I send emails all the time and get those responses but then I email them back with facts and the truth and hear nothing back
  5. It does not do anything, they dont read them. They have people working for them that do.
  6. While responses like that make it seem pointless, it actually does make a difference. While the representative probably won't read each letter, someone is keeping tabs on the letters that come in. Writing a letter gives you a much larger voice than someone who doesn't.
  7. i think its hilarious when americans think they have ¨¨rights¨¨. i used to think i did all political and shit....wasted my time looking up and debating political shit.

    heres the difference from the person i was to the person i am now. im a doer. in this life there are people who make this world go backwards, fowards, or stay the same. im a MJ grower who shares his love with the rest of the a cook i share my love and knowledge with the world. and i volunteer alot and share. now lets take a look at other professions

    im a judge im an egotistical dude who thinks my word is better then others because i got english common law on my side. english common law is a collection of precedents of old and dead people who had no fucking clue what they were talking about.

    im a lawyer and i do the same but i take the side of the person who has the most money.

    bankers and CEO´s the ones who are supposed to be the highest in intelligence and class but in reality they fuck so many people over due to their own greed for money its unbelievable

    the point is that there is no point in contacting your gov´t......... you can only fight your gov´t. but fight through example people what they can be and what their missing and always point out their ignorance while keeping in mind you have some too.
  8. Updated with a reponse from Lidnsey O Graham, South Carolina Senator.

    Edit: need to fix some of my typing
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    Most legislators likely think that supporting legalization or even decriminalization is political suicide, and they're probably right. So, with the exception of a few here and there, they spew forth the same bullshit.


    1. Most voters pay no attention to a candidate's view on marijuana.
    2. Voters that do and support legalization usually have no other candidate running that support it as well.
    3. If there is a candidate that supports legalization, they will lose the votes of citizens who are against it. Add in that supporters are in the minority and taking bullet #1 into account, supporting legalization means that candidate probably won't win an election in most states.
    4. If he changes his view after being elected it could undermine the trust he's built up with voters.

    We need to change the view of voters before things will change. I think it should start with changing what's taught in schools. Most adults either don't care or are unwilling to see the truth, but that can change in time if schools can stop beating lies about marijuana into students' heads. It's kind of like brainwashing. For the longest time I thought marijuana killed brain cells, permanently made you into a vegetable, gave you cancer in a fraction of the time it takes with tobacco, and kicked my dog; that's what I was taught in school year after year for almost 10 years. Unlike me, most people aren't going to go back and find they've been lied to. They'll just keep repeating what the school taught them no matter what evidence to the contrary is presented, like a parrot: no thought, just reaction.

    I apologize for bogarting the soapbox.
  10. Guys, the fight for legalIzation seem pointless?

  11. What he really means is: I support big pharma and their opiate/narcotic based solutions for management of pain.
  12. Got another response:

    Thank you for contacting me in regard to marijuana. I understand your viewpoint that we should decriminalize marijuana. However, I believe that marijuana is a gateway drug -- one of the most commonly abused illicit drugs in our country - and I feel that legalizing marijuana would be harmful to our society, and that doing so would put more people at risk.

    Marijuana use can result in significant health problems, and I do not agree with the viewpoint that marijuana users are not part of the problem. I also do not agree with the statement that our law enforcement should be targeting more serious crimes. Drug use, I believe, is a serious issue that we must address to prevent our future generations from ending up in jail on drug-related offenses. People that use this drug are breaking the law and they should be held accountable.

    Again, I want to thank you for contacting me. While we do not agree on this issue, please know that I appreciate hearing from you and all of my constituents on matters that are important to them. To get regular updates from my office sent to you by e-mail, please visit Cong. Brown E-mail Update Sign-up.

    - Even though I mentioned nothing about decriminalization.
  13. Who needs to be contacted about the classification of cannabis in a persons state?
  14. There is no point really, If you're optimistic i guess it has a point but if you're a realist then it really has no point.

    I would not waste 1 second of my time trying to contact any of these people
  15. I find the bold the be pretty funny. Do these people even think? Drug use is a serious issue because we arrest people and he said so himself yet couldn't complete the thought.
  16. I stopped caring about the government along time ago. I realized it was all bullshit and it's all made up. We have no rights (any of your rights can be taken if THEY want them to be, so they're not rights). The only way to get weed legal is to make it in the government's best interest. And when I say the government I mean the big businesses. Our country is ran by money and its just obvious. They do nothing to cover it up and "patriotism" only exists in people too ignorant to see this. (Or just too rich).
  17. Goddamn these republicans suck ass. They don't possess or use common sense in ANYTHING they do or say. Everytime I read responses like this it makes me want to just bash my head against the wall until it bleeds or I knock myself out becuase that would make more sense then what they are writing back to people.

    If your gateway theory was true then eveyone who uses marijuana would move on to harder drugs like herion and coke but usage rates among those substances are significantly lower then the usage rates for marijuana. So how the exactly is it a gateway drug you stupid fuck?? It can't exactly be the most used drug for long if it is just a gateway substance which by definition is a substance that you just start out with. So by your definition Milk is a gateway drug becuase most people start out by drinking that and then move on to beer and liquor..

    Fuck these republicans, seriously. I have not heard of one republican that supports drug reform or mairjuana decriminlization or reclassification.

    Oh and on that note Lindsey Grahm, don't fucking talk about the DEA classifications. They mean jack shit. The DEA is just a puppet of policy and should not be used to support your agrument becuase all they do is enforce current laws and is under the direction of the HHS. They don't conduct research and they are not the authority on what drugs can and should be used for and what is and what is not dangerous. They are just law enforcement. Not policy makers, and not scientists.
  18. Did he really write that? That's got to be a joke. Might as well say, shampoo use is a serious issue because otherwise we might put people in jail for shampoo-related offenses. Can't people see how siily that sounds? They even said it's an issue because we are putting people in jail for it? How is cannabis illegal while dangerous pharmaceutical drugs are pushed in advertisements on TV? How many people have serious complications and die from pharmaceutical drugs each year compared to marijua,na?
  19. So I got bored and sent the FDA a question about why cannabis is a schedule 1 drug when they have Marinol as a precription drug.
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    Fuck shit you are asking him to get rid of the penalties for drugs and his best response is that he can't because there will be more penalties for drugs.

    He should be impeached for the sheer stupidity of that.

    The Democrats and Republicans are equally terrible on this issue in my opinion. The only party with a sensible option is the Libertarian party, which wants to completely end the war on drugs.

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