So whats the deal with Vanilla Coke?

Discussion in 'General' started by KB_124, Feb 8, 2003.


Vanilla Coke

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  1. Is it good? Blah? not so good? can't tell? I dunno..I can't decide if i like it or not..cures cottenmouth, thats all I cared about :smoke:
  2. OMG! Vanilla coke is... like... GOD! It is my drug of choice (weed is no drug -.0) I NEED VANILLA COKE! It's soooo the best thing since sliced bread.
  3. I think it tastes really yummy.But if you want to make a beverage that tastes really similar but will get you drunk you take coke or pepsi and get some vanilla rum and mix it and it tastes great. Maybe that is already well known but I just figured it out! Peace!
  4. i just drank a bottle of diet vanilla coke that i got for free somewhere.... dieat vanilla coke is GROSS it has basically no sugar or carbonation... totally outrageous

  5. Holy crap!!! I totally agree!! It's like fucking ambrosia
  6. I think it's pretty yucky myself but I don't really dig anything that tastes like vanilla. The only thing I like that's vanilla are scented I guess I like the smell of it, just not the flavor.
  7. yuck,gross,puke....
    pepsi blue=yuck,gross,puke also

    but my kiddies loove the vanilla coke
  8. vanilla coke tastes better less than chilled - the vanilla flavor stands out more and tastes less like over-sweetened coke.. i am not a huge fan but it's OK, i think you could accomplish it better by adding your own vanilla flavoring to regular coke. a local diner does that, and it is WAY better than coca cola's version...

    as for the diet vanilla coke, you're better off drinking water!
  9. Yeah I might try to find to vanilla extract and some coke one of these days. To men, it does just taste like over-sweetened coke, which i dont like" but if I didn't have a choice it would have to do..peace.
  10. Anything to do with diet coke will be fuckin' NASTY.

    I can't believe they even have a market for it.

    But regular vanilla coke tastes pretty damned good to me.
  11. I just went out and got me a 2l bottle of Vanilla Coke and a 2l bottle of Pepsi Blue! Yei! And my dad wanted diet coke... imo diet coke tastes like ass... never tasted ass, but... well... anyhoo...
  12. Ok.... for the record.....

    Ass is better than diet coke.


  13. Haha! Can I quote you for my debate class? See we have this quote board in our classroom and one thing we're always arguing about is what is better: diet or regular? The quote is "___ coke tastes like ass!"
  14. its da bomb ! \o/
  15. in myt opinion it sucks. stick to regular coke

  16. I would be honored.... :eek: Except that particular quote isn't actually mine.

    But would they really be ok with a budburner quote? lol

    Would they really be ok with anything that endorses eating ass?

  17. Oh I'm sure they'd be fine with that :p

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