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So... Whats The Best Store Bought Glass Cleaner?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by humphammer, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. I'm having trouble getting a few bongs clean and im afraid to shake em.. whats the best (no shake) let it sit overnight and rinse out to magical cleaness bong?!?!

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    Grunge off.  ~15 bucks on amazon for 12 ounces and it can be reused multiple times and smells good.  Just put a stopper in the slide of your bong and fill that baby up.
    But usually I just use ISO and iodized salt.  Shaking method but idk why you are afraid to shake your pieces. 
  3. I'm not afraid persay.... just i have tried alcohol n salt..... just wanted one of the really good let it sit n do its thang cleaner.

  4. Most everyone here would say alc + salt is not only the best but the cheapest and fastest method of cleaning pipes.
    I had to let grunge off sit all night for it to really have enough effect to clean it completely with just water after.
  5. I clean all my glass with boiling or hot water, it freer than a mother fucker, works wonders, and I haven't cracked one piece (some insist boiling water will shatter a pipe).

    No ISO, No Cleaners, No Salt, no hassle! NO money wasted!
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    Can't say for that grunge off stuff but I bought something called 'dr green bong & pipe cleaner' off the internet and it was shit, basically washing up liquid in a bottle, knocking it out at 8 quid a pop. Didn't even shift any of the resin away it was laughable ended up just buying a bottle of iso and some salt. best cleaner you'll buy. drop in some salt and iso. leave it to soak for 5 mins, give it a good shake then a good wash out with warm water. It'll look brand new..
  7. Salt and 91% ISO works every time for me.

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