So what's our worst case scenario?

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  1. Prop 19 does not pass, and marijuana remains illegal but 1 ounce or less is only an infraction plus legal bud?

    I'm a bit curious because some people seem hell bent on the bill to pass.
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    Slows down the progression of legalization of marijuana. A lot of the people on the other side will begin to argue that marijuana is indeed unsafe because the people in California of all states don't want it to be legal. I could see this being very bad for marijuana as a whole. Both medical and recreational.

    Will definitely slow down the progress. Other states won't be so quick to legalize or decriminalize. California is almost always the first state to break the mold, then other states follow suit. If you ask me Prop 19 needs to pass for the future of this Country. It is a HUGE stepping stone towards national legalization in my eyes.

    Yes there are things in the bill that aren't that great, but people need to look at it from a much larger perspective. Laws can always get better, 25sq ft can go to 100sq ft as time passes. Now Marijuana finally has the momentum it needs to be legal, shooting this prop down will be a devastating blow to Marijuana. We could end up with a president in 2012 that is insanely anti marijuana and tries his/her best to kill all momentum and progress. I could go on and on about why Prop 19 needs to pass but I feel I would grow boring and repetitive.

    California was the first state to make marijuana illegal it should be the first state to make it legal. 1913-2010 is far too long. 97 years of people being locked up and arrested for no good reason.
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    Because an infraction is still an infraction and it means that smokers will still be bothered by the law and I don't want to have to worry about my weed stuff when I get pulled over. It means we would still be supplying the black market with money and supporting drug cartels and whatnot. I want liberty, not a pacifier.

    "plus legal bud"... I'm not sure what you meant with this.
  4. Marijuana isn't legal in any state. It's made as an exception by Prop 215 in California and other acts in other states that allow Medical Marijuana. It's still very much illegal to the general population. Decriminalization doesn't mean legalization. That just means you won't do time for it. Prop 19 is a step forward to legalization.
  5. Haha not legal bud I meant medical bud.
  6. Yes then in 2012 we try it again but WE WILL NOT SETTLE FOR THAT.

    Prop 19 could lead to a better future for everyone. MJ $aside for our economy the Hemp alone could start a new Era. Hemp for OIL, FOOD, MEDICINE. Stop our dependency on oil, make more biodegradable products for a cleaner better future

  7. Worst case scenerio: Prop 19 doesn't pass, the economy gets better causing people to care less about the tax revenue from marijuana and the movement fades into history as another bump in cannabis prohibition. Everyone has always been thinking legalization is just around the corner since the 70's, but unlike when the hippies tried, we have science to prove its medical significance.
  8. Prop 19 definitely has my vote.

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