so whats everyone think of this idea

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by thevines2, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. [​IMG]
    i have a few of these kicking around(not same model or anything just 70w hps wallpacks)

    i found that one of them would mount into the top of my pc case no problem at all.

    thinking about using one of those and a few cfls to flower.

    thinking heat might be an issue(i play to reroute the ballast to a radioshack project box and rewire the fixture without the photocell, i know my way around wiring these pretty well)

    whats everyone else think of this idea?

    too hot?

    was thinking id need a new exhaust fan for it since my one now is only 37cfm(was thinking a 75+cfm axial 110v fan)
  2. You can not cut corners when growing MJ and you have to be honest with yourself .... Easy way to check stick that light in to the area where you planing to grow ( box, closet...) put the thermometer on the middle ( hang it ) let your light run for 5 hours and simply check the temperature . If it is not higher than 82 you are ok if it is few degrees higher than it is not going to work...

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