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So...what's everybody having/had for dinner tonight?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TheHempress, Apr 14, 2003.

  1. My mom made pork chops on the grill, and we're having mac and cheese and devilled eggs. MMM boy!
  2. Grilled chicken with my favorite BBQ sauce.

    Potato skins fixed my way.

    and kosher pickles!
  3. homemade cheeseburger with mayo mustard lettuce and onions, sunchips, and my favorite beets. god damn i love those things
  4. Subway sands.. yum yum.. had pork loin with hawiian marinade for lunch.... :)
  5. we just bbq'ed at the beach...... burgers, dogs, and marinated go along with the cooler of assorted beers( heiniken, corona's and bud ice) and budd..... i'd say it was a great dinner with 10 close friends...
  6. wendys triple classic
  7. something mexican :D
  8. cereal, blah
  9. im not gonna have dinner tonite, i went to the diamondbacks game today and i ate so much food there im gonna die

  10. awesome :D

    my favourite dinner

  11. hey dude u live in arizona???? i just went to the diamond backs game incredibly ripped yesterday with my dad.... the d-backs lost yesterday when i went.... it was still fun being high and going though.....
  12. chef boy ardee spagehtti and meatballs.
  13. im out of money.

    there is nothing in my fridge.

    i havent eaten anything at all today.

    this sucks.
  14. hockey banquet so i had rolls, green beans, potatos, lots of little dessert thingies, and some salad stuff, and some rice. was pretty good

  15. LOL, yeah boy that does suck when your outta food and EVERYONE seems to be eating EVERYTHING youve EVER wanted, its even that much worse cause you got the munchies like crazy..

    mmm I havent had a good lasagna in a while. I had this veggie lasagna once, KILLER! mmm Im hungry now...doing the bar food thing tonight! cant wait! :D
  16. man.....we had some deer steaks that we grilled up. we had them on the table and went to get plates and silverware. when we got back our dog had knocked them off the table and eaten them. i was pissed. i hadn't eaten anything all day and had been out cutting wood for a huge bon-fire party, i was so freaking hungry. damn dog. luckily we still had more so we didn't go hungry but we weren't full either. on the plus side, that night i threw out a couple of lines into my pond and ended up with a couple of huge catfish the next morning. they made for a good brunch.
  17. spaghetti, uhmm salad and some other hsit i dont know
  18. scrumptous red beans n' rice...a new orleans classic. im eating it right now.
  19. Tonight I'm having a chicken pot pie!!! Literaly!!!!!
  20. hahahahahaha hCOCKTAILS[​IMG]

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