So what the fuck is up with Scientology?

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  1. Why is it so popular? Why do people actually spend their hard earned money on it, because from what I gather, it sounds completely ludicrous. Do they brainwash people? I just find it hard to believe that they have so many people, including high profile celebrities, in their group.

    Am I missing something? Illuminati? Occult? Satanists? :confused_2:
  2. In the beginning people that are brought into Scientology are not told the whole truth and the full dogma of the religion. It is treated as more of a way of living a philosophy. Through e-meter sessions they are taught a way to deal with their negative emotions. In a sense if you are not a believer in Christianity then there isn't much difference between the philosophy of auditing sessions and confessional. The main difference being that they charge their members for this auditing service, but I know of many Catholics that give large portions of their income to the Catholic Church as well.

    The reason most people probably get duped into paying so much money is because they are told that it is dangerous for them to research on their own and read dogma related materials above their level before they are ready. By the time they get to the higher levels where the beliefs become far fetched, they have already forked over a handsome sum of money for auditing sessions and materials such as books. Denial is a very powerful thing and most people don't want to think that they have wasted so much money on something that is completely made up and designed to suck their bank accounts dry.

    Scientology has a special division that is completely focused on recruiting celebrities into their fold, the celebrities have a much different experience than your average Scientology, such as free auditing sessions and exclusive retreats. Just like the average Scientologist however they are completely immersed into the world of Scientology.
  3. Scientology is a fiction authors scheme to trick people in to learning a new mysterious "science" that can make the world a better place, But during the process of reading all of their books and videos members become brainwashed in to believing scientology is the saver of the world and donate all of their money to this plague machine.
  4. It's nothing but a huge global scam. They bring people in, tell them they're depressed and must turn to Scientology in order to be happy, then start charging them to be members of the church. Oh and there's a ridiculous belief system involving alien souls.

    FoundationNow explained it very well.
  5. I wish God would smite them.

    And I'm Agnostic, but that's how much I despise Scientology.

    Smite them, O Lord!
  6. Yeah it started from a fictional book I'm pretty sure... I think their headquarters or one of the main locations is in Clearwater Fl. They be having them e-meter readings all over the place there. In the malls at the beach all different places people askin if you want a free reading or some shit. I never tried it mainly cause I wasn't gonna grab two metal bars hooked up to a machine as I was still dripping wet from swimming haha. They walk around downtown Clearwater in matching suits and stuff it's kinda crazy when you see um all. Different levels wear different suits and colors and what not.
  7. lol..what a bunch of pretentious fucks^^^

    I have seen some pretty crazy videos about it......some of em just leave you with your jaw hanging open....but then again we've got huge compounds of people in the desert believing a pedophile/rapist is Christ Incarnate...FLDS crackheads....building a 38 ft tall statue of their newly imprisoned shithead prophet....holding a little girls hand...

    To me those kind of people are more dangerous than scientologists.....leeching off taxpayers in welfare, abusing children in many ways, then throwing the boys out because the girls are all given to some old men...then the boys dont have any education beyond a 3rd grade THEY become a burden on society..not to mention that they are seriously fucked in the head by that time.....

    yeah...FLDS would be something to be upset about....Besides ripping gullible people off for their stupid dogmatic bullshit, sci-tologists arent doing a tenth of what those FLDS a-holes are....and the stuff they believe is just as whacked out as sci. and taxpayers are footing the bill for all their buildings and land...damn that shit makes me mad
  8. Better question to ask is: what are the fundamental differences between Scientology and other ecclesiastical religions?
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    L. Ron Hubbard liked precision
    And he founded a religion
    That has caught a lot of pigeons
    And it's good enough for me!

    In matters Dianetic
    You need not get frenetic
    Make your Engrams copacetic
    And that's good enough for me!

    pretty lol...many 'religions'...

    Internet Book of Shadows: Real Old Time Religion, That[/LEFT]
  10. Scientology once again shows us that you can talk yourself into believing anything is true.

    nicely put sam
  11. So the Monks were built with an eye for originality of design and also for practical horse-riding ability. This was important. People, and indeed things, look more sincere on a horse. So two legs were held to be both more suitable and cheaper than the more normal primes of seventeen, nineteen or twenty-three; the skin the Monks were given was pinkish-looking instead of purple, soft and smooth instead of crenellated. They were also restricted to just the one mouth and nose, but were given an additional eye, for a grand total of two. A strange-looking creature indeed. But truly excellent at believing the most preposterous things.
  12. Scientology is just as ridiculous as Christianity, Judaism, Islam....etc...they are all out there
  13. At least other religions have their beliefs based in history, not some science fiction writer from less than a century ago.

    The Catholic Church needs to destroy Scientology, I know they have the resources.
  14. Wat?

    What made Christianity any more valid when it was created so long after the others?

    Not a valid line of reasoning you have, here.

  15. You have a problem understanding my posts. Lurk more, man...
    I mean, to me it makes more sense for people to buy into an already established religion that has been around for a long, long time... just how long as scientology been around? Not very long...

  16. So, by your reasoning if Scientology continues to grow and suck in new converts, and then violently opposes other world religions killing their followers until it is the major world religion in few thousand years, then it will have just as much validity as Christianity.
  17. Say what you want about Scientology but L. Ron Hubbert could write a damn good pulp novel.
  18. if only people could leave it at that haha
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    You don't seem to understand that just because some fucks have been believing one form of bullshit for longer than another, it doesn't make either any more or less valid.

    Is that difficult for YOU to understand?

    I'm sorry, but this thread is not for you make low blows against people or their beliefs. That comment about 'some fucks' and 'form of bullshit' isn't welcome here.
  20. Scientology was a focus of mine on a paper I wrote about white collar crime and religion (lol - go figure?). That's some of the dirtiest scum running that show.

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