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So what strain do I need

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by oldiscool, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. I'm 65 and smoked through the 60s, 70s, and 80s. I would like to find some smoke that will make me laugh and eat Bebo snacks like it did back then. The laid back peace freak kind.  I got some a while back that was more like some kind of drug. The high was not fun. I want to laugh and relax and listen to some old music. I need it. 
    I did not realize what has happened to the smoking world since I left it.

  2. Indica

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  3. nothing changed but the quality available to you.

    ingest less of it basically. start with a few hits instead of a massive joint like you needed back in the day.
  4. I was always blessed with pretty good quality smoke and I was a "full time" smoker. Would light up before I got out of bed most days. What I got a while back put me in an uncomfortable place after 3 or 4 hits. Don't know how else to explain it but it was not comfortable. Maybe I'm looking for something that's not there anymore, either in the weed or in me.
  5. Yeah, but chances are if you lived in america in the 60s-70s chances are the quality was just lesser. not that there wasnt potent bud available, buy the ratio of good to junky bud has dramatically increased.

    if you are buying from a dispensary try getting different strains, ideally an indica. you may also enjoy a high cbd lower thc strain.

    if you're buying om the streets, id try to find the lowest quality bud you can, easier to slowly build the dose that way.

    if neither of those are an option, you could get a kief box and knock most of the trichomes off and then smoke the bud. you dont need a kief box specifically for doing this though. freeze the bud and beat it against anything really and theyll fall off making the bud less potent.

    maybe try going one hit at a time? wait like twenty minutes in between so you dont do too much too quick.

    you could also try sticking it out until your tolerance builds. itll happen eventually and an increased tolerance and familiarity will take care of any side effects really.

    if none of that works, you may be right and it just isnt your thing anymore. good luck!

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