So what should I do?

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  1. First off, I'm a little high. I know, but it's a rare thing for me to be on grasscity under the influence. :p

    Basically me and a friend are looking on ebay for another toking tool. It's one which I have come to see as yet another essential to our daily addiction: a grinder!

    Problem is, he's looking at this battery operated one (batteries are not a problem) which can ALMOST powderize weed... pulverizes.

    It's at a good price....i think $25 which ain't tooooo bad. :confused:

    But should I just get a good old fashioned metal grinder for twenty?

    I'm just worried the weed the other will spit out will be too much like pure' if you will (powdery).

    Any experience with such a battery-operated device? How well does it work? :smoke:
  2. I saw those things at my LHS for $25 too. I prefer the old school grinders. Crushing ur herb manually feels better IMO.
  3. grinders are highly overrated. unless your smoking mega buds, fingers are perfects
  4. A grinder really shouldn't be that essential unless:

    1. You love kief like I do. A little sugar on the top of your cereal bowl never hurt no one.. :D

    2. You smoke a lot of blunts/joints.

    Other than that, they really aren't that needed. I mean, unless you don't love the feeling of that sticky bud in your fingers..
  5. I tend to disagree with the above post. The main reason I prefer a grinder over breaking by hand is because when you break up bud some keif falls off always, if you are using hands its going to fall onto a table...your lap..whatever is underneath the bud...but if you break it up in a grinder you can still get that keif back. Its not like it makes a particularly big difference, but it seems more efficient.
  6. Just get a nice old school grinder for like 20 on ebay. There better. And you can get one with a kief catcher. Plus if you freeze them the kief doubles. Its bomb.
  7. To me personally, I equate electronic grinders to joint-rolling machines... It just doesn't feel right.

    Grinding bud is somewhat of a ritual, and must be done by hand (I do use a manual grinder however), just like rolling.

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