so what should i do???

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  1. So I've been rockin out some solid afghan kush and blue cheese for the past few months and its within the final few weeks of flowering. I had to leave town for a few days so I filled the res, gave them nutes, and made sure everything was good. Three of the hottest days go by and when I return home to find all my water gone, my pump is burnt out, and all the tops of my plants looked like they had plastic cups over them from the spontaneous spider mite infestation. Now I know that I had mites previous to leaving and I had kept them at bay and was almost done with them. But how were there so many in such a few days? Did the heat speed things up? I chopped them and trimmed them and hung them up, so I guess the real question is should I go ahead and smoke the bud that hasn't been mite capped and just enjoy burning the corpses of the crop killers? Im sure after all the reggies iveenjoyed in the past, spider mites are the last of my problems.
  2. Wow. Sorry to hear this man.

    Im sure with an adequate dry and a good cure,
    most will be salvageable bud.

    Good luck.

  3. Extra protein! Hoooyah, smoke that shit!

    Then clean the area, fogger's are best, before you start the next ones.
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    Thanks. I've started smoking it and its deffinatly a shame that it didn't get to finish flowering. I will be moving from my closet to my basement here in the next month. Ill be posting a journal of that fosho

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