so what should i do?

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    Ok so heres the scoop lately ive been feeling depressed.Edit (i cannot find a good job that is constant) to save my fucking life im only 18 living with my roomate. no familly in town and currently im living in one of the worst places in salem. now i know that sounds pretty generic and shit but like i have quit even giving a fuck about day to day life. i have recently found that like nothing sounds fun to do i desperatly need a hobbie or some shit.

    I cant even smoke to much weed any more because when i get really baked i strat tripng over shit bills work etc.. no im not parinoid just probally close to legal insanity! lol j/p

    so what im getting at here is that i know that some people here have been though shit like this and may have some good advice..
    im up for just about any thing ive been thinking about moving but i cant really think of any where thats really badass.

    thanks to those who took the time to read!

    Any advice would be greattly apricated!

    Smoke on:smoking:
  2. quit smoking for a bit. find a fulltime job
  3. yeah just stay productive with your time, do stuff that is useful like work out or read or something. blaze it up and turn on some national geographic channel, that shit is crazy and your learning shit at the same time
  4. I agree with both of those posts.
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    this will sound like i drank some kool-aid or something but....

    good self-talk will change your life...(affirmations)

    also give weed a break for a bit...i also find that after a few months of consisten smoking i become irritated with everyone and everything and just need a week off...then im good for 6 months...youve become too routine..

    take it fo what its worth but if you want things to change, its easy and free to affirm yourself every day..

    write down some goals for yourself...real goals that you might not be sure how you will acheive them just yet. all of the most successful and happy people int he world have spoken about goal setting and have given almost all of the credit to simply setting goals fo themselves...write them down and review them daily...u will amaze yourself. trust me. i graduated school 1 year ago this month, worked my tail off this past year and made great money....had set goals for myself when i started, to be making over 6 figures in 1 year and was called up, and ASKED for my resume by a company, and offered a job earning just that....last a horrible recession....turns out that... a client of mine saw so much in me that he took it upon himself to personally refer me to this company. the only thing i did was focus on my goals and always find ways to get closer and closer until they flourish..

    again, i might sound like a crock of sh|t but im takin it to the bank
  6. try to be a nurse, get finacial aid to go to community college and then do what you do to get ur RN. thats what my uncle did. he lived with his parents tho, not his roomate.
  7. You don't need us to tell you what to do...

    There's so many options out there, and if you think there's not... Slap yourself because there's opportunity everywhere. Whether you have to commute an hour to work/school or work/get an education online. You can do it anywhere...

    You just have to do it, now before it's too late.
  8. First off all i thank you all for replying. especialy flashlight very i really like the sound of the books looking forward to reading them. also gonna look into the RN thing but im not that good with blood and sick people its just not my thing.

    I probally should have gone a little deeper in my first post wanted to make it readable.

    Heres the thing i have no familly in state anymore pretty much rules out the whole going to college. beacuse i cant even quit working my full time job to get my last 2 highschool credits.

    Now the whole T-break thing could be good. although i just about 3 months ago i was holding 2 jobs which came to a total of like 55-65 hours per week but now with this economy thing im lucky to get 30 hours a week. And i have to all but beg for it. But i really dont think its the weed that's holding me back and even if it is a little it helps more then hurts.

    I think what i really wanna do is maybe dipp state and see some shit maybe find a place thats not suffering so bad from the economy with some cool shit to see.

    Thanks agin i appreciate the advice.

    blaze on:smoking:
  9. I'm confused. :confused:

    In less than 5 hours, you went from not being able to find a job to save your life, to working full-time, and considering yourself lucky to get 30 hours a week ? Did I miss something here ?

    No matter what your situation, you need to get your education bro. Start off by getting those last 2 measly credits, and go from there. You will regret it if you don't.
  10. Is it possible that you take some online classes?

    There are some great online universities that offer high school credits for rather cheap

    brigham young is one. like 150 per class.

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