So what should I do?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mikerelliftw, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Ok so its like this. I was supposed to be getting bud for my homeboy today. So I set it up and I'm dealing with this kid I bought from a few times, normally its all asap no problems nothing. Now we met up and before I handed him the money I had this weird feeling so I asked my friends if anyone knew where the fuck this guy lived and who he hung out with and his ex-girl answers me yes and yes. So I agree to hand him the money and I watch him drive off to get the stuff. We waited for an hour and half, he turned off his phone and when it is turned on(sometimes when we call it is for some reason) he doesn't pick up. He hasn't answered any texts, even from people he doesn't think are involved(people I know that know him) and now I'm sitting here throughly pissed off.

    Now I said "Does anyone know where he lives" part right infront of him, as my way of letting him know I'll fuckin find you. From what I hear about this kid he's not that tough, but I've heard him and his friends talk about guns that they own(I'm 90% certain it's all bullshit) but he has to know I'm coming to his house tomorrow to collect. Now I'm not gonna jump him, but I am bringing two people incase he's got his usual crew around and they try to jump me.

    So as I sit here knowing in 12 hours I'ma be at his house knocking on the door I gotta ask GC, what do you think I should do about this?

    On one hand, he has over 200$ of mine, and I basically told him if he didn't come back I would go to him. On the other hand, he still hasn't officially told me he's trying to take my money because he won't pick up his god damn phone. So I believe tomorrow I'm gonna go there and just ask him if he has my money or my shit, and if he doesn't and doesn't give me a decent reason why(as in stopped by police) and along with the reason why some fuckin proof I'm gonna try my damndest to hurt him(by hurt I mean break fingers/bones, keep punchin until I knock out teeth or maybe disfigure him in someway).

    I just want to know if you guys think it would be kosher for me to seriously hurt this kid. I mean I don't know him amazingly well but it just feels as if when I said if you don't come back with this I'll find you he's kinda challenged me by stealing from me and is saying come and get it. Now I know you shouldn't really try and hurt somebody, a fight is a fight and it shouldn't lead to anything more than a beating but this right now is really pissing me off. I feel disrespected, cheated, and like he should be hurt for it because I doubt I'll get the money back. Thoughts?
  2. run up on him, confront him. if he is bullshitting, beat his ass take ur money and run thru his pockets, that should make u feel better
  3. Yeah but just be careful dude. Good luck whatever you do.
  4. nah you def. need to go handle that ask him for it ,if he doesnt have it take his face off by the way it sounds he thought he could take money from you basically or hes just playing games either way you dont play or take $200 from anyone thats how you die around here .:cool:
  5. You know what you gotta do bro... good luck!
  6. I'm sure if hes been reliable before theres a reason. still, do what u gotta do. I don't mind too much when i get jipped like .5 on a fourth or somthin, but when someone pockets ur 200, fuck them lol.
  7. What ever you do, do in privet. Do not beat his ass in front of his house or somewhere there will be witnesses. No need to get beat, then go to prison for assault.

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