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  1. Ok, so here's the deal: Right now I'm living at a college that's not too far from my house (commuting distance), and I'm miserable here. My parents want me to finish up another year at this school and commute, but I honestly can't stand my parents or the idea of living at home.

    I applied to a college on the other side of the state and got accepted, but didn't get as much financial aid/scholarships as I do for my current school.

    The only thing is, it'll probably end up costing me even more if I have stay and commute because I'll need to buy a car, pay for insurance, and pay for gas. So it kind of doesn't make sense.

    I don't have many friends at my current school, the majority of the ones I have are transferring. And I don't have friends in my city since all of them went away to college. So regardless of which option I go for, I won't have any friends at the start of next school year.

    The thing about my current school and staying at home is that I feel 'trapped' the entire time, at school it's because there's really nowhere to go as an escape, the same thing at home but with over-bearing parents.

    I really don't know what to do, my life has been at a standstill for a long time now, lately I've been thinking that college may not be the right thing for me (I really want to pursue a career in music, but I know that it's tough to get into)....

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  2. Living with your parents while commuting to college is actually the easiest life one can have.

    All you have to do is commute, get good grades and try to get along with your parents. Maybe get a job on the side.

    There was a point in time when my dad was annoying the shit out of me. Constantly trying to converse about dumb shit (my car, insurance, things around the house etc). It was fucking annoying. Every single minute I'm just like can u stfu for one day?? The most recent is when he asked me about how to print something I was like how hard is it to print something so basically he realized I didnt want to deal with it and he started yelling and shit cuz he's a fag anyway.

    Well anyway the missing pieces in my life are slowly starting to fall into place. All I have to do is get my grades up. College classes are bullshit. I've been learning the same thing since HS so I said fuck it this semester and have only been focused on "important" things like making money anyway I can and finding a job.

    I may sound like a brat but w,e dude. Ganna graduate find a job and move out asap

    yea dude just try to either get along with your parents or isolate yourself as much as possible if getting along would be an interference
  3. If I were you I'd just stay living at home with you parents while commuting to school, because that is the best way to save up some money for when you eventually graduate and want to move out. Maybe get a part-time job on the weekends or something to help save up some money to buy a car later.

    What would probably help you the most with feeling trapped would be to try and make some new friends at the college you are at now. If you have somewhere to go hang out after classes and some people to hang out with instead of seeing your parents all the time I bet you will be more happy with your current situation. If you make some more friends that go to the same college as you maybe you could find a living situation like an apartment that you could move into later. Sharing an apartment with a bunch of friends can be fairly cheap, and you'll still be close enough to your family to go visit often.
  4. How hard is it to make friends when you live on campus?

    You might wanna address that issue.
  5. Dude you kinda sound like a dick to your dad here. Sounds like he wants to talk to you and be closer and have an actual relationship and instead your pushing him away and calling him a fag. You deserve to be yelled at, he was asking for help and you blew him off. Treat your parents with respect they do a lot more than you think for you.

    OP- Sit down and talk with your parents about your concerns and why you dont want to move off campus and home. Also try to make more friends. Friends are the outlet you need it sounds like, they are there to blow off steam and do stupid shit with after class and such.

    Try talking to kids in your major or who just seem chill, you'd be amazed at how many more friends youll make when you start talking to people. I was miserable and sheltered last year at my college and i realized i didnt have many friends who were actually friends and i broke outta my shell and started talking to people and im 100x happier now, you will be to. Just break outta your shell and go talk to people
  6. yeah, i should have a few more friends haha, it can't hurt. i wish i had a band too D;

    maybe one day~
  7. Bro just stay with your parents & stay at that college and make new friends there .
  8. if its music that makes you happy research a field of study to benefit your music career so you stay in college (for me im getting my BA in Audio engineering with a emphasis on mastering...i want to open a mastering house down the line.) and at the same time appease your parents all the while chasing your dreams
  9. Go outside man.

  10. depends, no need to be a jerk btw, some people like lots of friends, some like a few really good friends, and some like their internet friends. To each their own. Believe it or not some people frown upon marijuana smoking too...
  11. I agree with fish.. It's not hard for me to make friends, I'd rather just hang out with people I actually like rather than a huge group of people.

    Anyway, I think I've decided that it would be best to stay here at least another year. If I want to get into music, I'm better off here than anywhere else because I already have a few connections in this area's music scene.
  12. [quote name='"Runningw235"']How hard is it to make friends when you live on campus?

    You might wanna address that issue.[/quote] stay on Campus for another year. Work at making friends and keep in mind that you will NEVER again have the opportunity to party and experience college life like you can right now. NEVER. Don't fk that up. Shit gets REAL after you graduate.
  13. grow is for two things...learning and that one thing we all can't party.:D


    It is a rare thing to have a real 'friend' in don't try and think of them as such, instead think of them as future competition in the job market, aka, an employees enemy.

    Live with the parents until school is out if you can muster the testosterone levels for such an it isn't easy nor for the weak little girly men....:p..Seriously, rent free, free food, free internet, free clothes and other free perks....suck it up skippy, you got it easy, deal with the parents for a bit and once you have that MBA/MBS you will be able to flip burgers at a fast food joint of your liking...;)

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