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so what qualifies one as being a seasoned toker?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by preciseknife, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. i was just curious about this. i mean no disrespect to GC or it users. i wondered who considers themselves seasoned tokers. it seemed interesting that there were sections for certain groups, tho there are no definable characteristics of their members.
  2. I'd say to be seasoned you'd have to do it for multiple seasons and gather abilities like ripping bongs with an icy precision and ordering your food in an orderly manner afterwards
  3. Being able to function normally while high, advanced Understanding of weed, being high and weed related topics. Been a smoker for a while.

    Thats all i can think of right now.
  4. seasoned toker would probably be as it states on the forum. "been puffin for a while?"

    or in rl, anyone i hang out with that smokes.

    you'll grow to understand more about weed as you read up on this site :)
  5. theres already a HUMONGOUS thread about this..

    and thats why we have a search button. :p
  6. When you've smoked cannabis for more that 60% of your life.

    Does that qualify me as "seasoned"?
  7. Its not just smoking its understanding.

  8. is smoking
  9. i think for the city's case its got somethign to do with the subject matter of your inuiry and discussion, not the smoker per say.

    i could be wrong
  10. I would say when you know, you will know.
  11. I'm 35. Been tokin' since 9.

    I'd say I was seasoned.
  12. haha i agree, glad someone reads in between the lines.
  13. I'd say 3 years of steady cannabis use under your belt should turn one into a seasoned toker.

    A seasoned grower, on the other hand, should take longer than that, unless they're going at it indoors for 3 years straight, without breaks. 3 exceptional outdoor seasons, maybe.

    I've been smoking for 8 years, was a seasoned smoker by 16, but can't call myself a seasoned grower.
  14. I think it's because I'm covered in a thin layer of basil.
  15. seconded!

  16. ziiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!

    oh my god im so high i had to do that haha.

    on topic tho, ive been smoking for only a little over a year but consider myself seasoned.
  17. If you have smoked weed for 2+ years, I consider you a seasoned toker.

    But thats just me.

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