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    I'm 20 years old, at that point where I should either be going to college or working a decent job, I chose the ladder from an early age. I'm a very active person, I read what a lot of people would call conspiracies but I don't believe everything I read. I read a lot of religious teachings but I don't follow any one religion however I am monotheistic. I believe in a lot of spiritual things, I'm intelligent enough to see miles past the norm, but I'm no genius. I have an IQ of 138 which is pretty damn high in America, but I feel like no matter what I do my talents will be wasted. I'm very creative, I love making music, reading, thinking of innovative ways to handle my duties at my job but I'm growing up in a time worse than the Great Depression. How do I "prepare" for a future I don't even believe will happen? I don't think 2012 will be the end of the world but even if all of the predictions were wrong, I don't see this world lasting past 2020. America is pretty much the cause of all this, we are a country so strung up on our governments lies that we've let ourselves (as a whole, I know that there are numerous conscious people out there) become unhealthy, addicted to poison, forced to be content living check to check, and most importantly stupid.

    We are a nation built on hypocrisy, "United We Stand", yet since America was born the bastard child of a raped nation, it's been divided. We get the age old option of Red or Blue. Rep vs Dem and the rest aren't very much considered. It's always professional mudslinging around campaign time and every year the average person says "it's not like they're going to do what they say", and yet they vote for someone they think "deserves" it when that's furthest from the truth. We are a nation of mute puppets, we can speak, but our own words are lost somewhere, misdirected in all the bullshit fed to us from sources supposed to be supplying the truth. We as people spend hundreds on "smart" phones the lag, break, stop functioning properly. Thousands on cars that start to break down, little things here and there fall apart, and we've become accustom to our shit just breaking as if that's the way it is. We all pay taxes to schools that don't even educate, our government is trillions in the hole and the warpigs leading the banks pulling the strings in the soap opera we call politics won't stay out of other countries. For fuck sake we live in a country that allows you to smoke a "drug", but not buy sell or possess it without a card (in a few states). A country that considers a plant with more than 200 uses a drug that if caught with or even just with paraphernalia, punishable as if that person had cocaine, or heroine. They trick young kids into being considered "addicted" to marijuana after given a choice or jail or rehab classes.

    So how does one consider making a life decision when there's barely a life left to be had. Even with financial aid college will have you paying back loans years after you graduate, and even if you went in for something profitable you have to work harder then all the other people who've went through those same if not better courses. With only a high school diploma you're looking at a factory job or linking with a company early to gain seniority throughout your "career" which is essentially just a job now, only to be threatened by unions. I'd love to move to a different state, but with the economy in the shape it is it's almost as if we live in a simulated reality designed to keep all the cogs in check, slowly working towards a greater cause. Some will dispute it, some go overboard with theories spouting ignorant wisdom, but in the doesn't really matter, at all. Not on a universal scale, if you don't believe in a God or an afterlife then not even spiritual. So how the fuck am I supposed to just pick a road and follow it when they all seem to lead to disaster and unimportance. I believe in God but in such a crazy world that's lost so much of it's different cultures, expanded religious teachings to the point that there are wars over the slightest differences in teachings that all say the same essential thing, it's hard to believe things will pan out, and then actually look forward to such a laughable fantasy.

    This just started as a random post while I was smoking a blunt, I don't really care if anyone responds to be honest because I know someones going to disagree with something I said somewhere in the post. I'm just glad I could get that off my chest a little and I hope somebody out there understands and can contribute some of their own thoughts.
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    id reply to your thread but i couldnt climb over that wall of text. im getting there tho, gimme a sec and ill edit my post.

    yeah i read this whole thing and i agree with basically everything you said. the world isnt looking so great and it is about 98% america's fault. any other country that sucks only sucks cuz we pay them to suck. i feel like we own a large portion of many other countrys job markets, either being factory jobs that suck dick for shitty made in china products you'd buy in america, or a kfc or some bullshit fast food in japan. theres walmarts all over the god damn world and you cant find any quality products anymore. the infostructure we've built wasnt built to last, it was built to save money. so there will be a point when our environment will literally fall apart. those pipes underground cant just sit there forever, the earth will eat them. same goes with any structure. we cannot keep living this way.

    as far as school and the job world i am right there with you. ive pretty much decided to just work the rest of my life, and do whatever else i can to earn money. (im perfectly content with 30k/year) im sure ill be fine, but still man i cannot be happy living in a world like this. im 18 and im not going to school where you just pay them money for them to give you homework and not teach anything, and then give u a piece of paper that says you deserve a better job than someone who knows much more without the piece of paper. the youth is the future, and we have forcefed our youth lies, fake bullshit, and poison. at this point im just here for the ride.
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    I agree with where you said you'd be happy making 30k a year, I would too honestly. I make about 18k a year before taxes and it feels like I barely make it the way it is. I'm pretty sure our world is just fucked. Did you know that there are Corporations that are considered more powerful than almost 2/3rds of other Countries because of their wealth.

    Politicians own stock in these corporations, oil companies, overseas contractor's and the companies used to "rebuild" what we destroyed. The corporations literally own these politicians because they fund their campaigns and in return for getting elected they make rules to protect them. Jails are owned by politicians, making money off of every inmate, including the ones who only got busted with an ounce of pot who are serving over a year. Our laws protect corporations, not people. There's an Elite group of people, 1% of our population, that are individually richer than the other 99% of America combined. How are we supposed to even make a living when prices keep going up but wages are going down?

    I understand nobody really has these answers but it's nice to be able to say what I'm feeling, and right now I'm feeling like there's no hope left for anything.

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