so what is the best thing to use for a hair test?

Discussion in 'General' started by illadelphin, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. so, somehow, someway, this camp i work at every summer got a hold of a picture of me and my beloved TORO. I couldnt tell you how.. but anyways, the only way for my to work there this summer is to pass a hair follicle test. I know there are a plethora of shampoos and whatnot, but I have no idea which one will be the best. from experience, GC, can you point me in the right direction? it would help me out a great deal, as this camp is a big part of my life.. and to be barred because someone got a picture of me smoking, somehow, and sent it in like im some sort of fucking criminal... just crushes me :(
  2. dude the shit stays in your roots for aaaages. the easiest way to stop would to be stop smoking, but im sure you dont wana do that.. hmm
  3. welllll.... the test would be in about 2-3 weeks. so me stopping wont really do much. ive heard of people using shampoos and pulling out strong... i just dont know which one to use...
  4. there IS a thread on here on how an OLDDDDD gc member passed one, im thinking i saw that thread within the past 2 years so it would take ALOT of searching.
  5. i found it, he used detergent, apple vinegar (i think), baking soda and detox mudd stuff.... ill probably stick with that method but im open to any other suggestions. :wave:

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