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So what is a seasoned Toker..??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Humboldtbuddha, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. So here my question what is a seasoned toker ??? is it A......​


    Or is it .... ????​


    or is it some where in between ...?????​


    reason I ask is I am 40 yrs old and father of 6 kids and 2 grand kids ( I know got started at 16 way too young , but spilled milk ) anyways ,I have been smokin since I moved to Humboldt county in early 70's over 30 yrs ( was 8 when my Hoopa Indian step brothers smoked me out , that and my 2 cousins in Reno) so , I have been on here about 10 days or so and have ran into alot of shall I say IMO punk ass rude kids ... just dont know where to go to get away from kids have enough at home thought that seasoned tokers would be child free but from some of the comments I have gotten on some my threads i am left feeling bewildered....
    I like it here and enjoy sharing my THC life in humboldt county but wish folks would not be rude it brings the worst out in me and ruins my high .... hope that this doesnt seem offensive have had lots gr8 positive encounter here and enjoy this forum greatly just wanted feed back on this subject and is it normal and should I just ignore them ????​
  2. I have been smoking for like 3-4 years and I dont know if im considered "seasoned" but there isnt a restriction to accessing this part of the forum. Just ignore them, its easier. I know it pisses everyone off when you just see one person trying to flame the other and everyone else is being mature/reasonable about it.
  3. Sup fellas,
    I took my first hit in the early 80's. I consider myself a seasoned toker from way back. My friends and I did not have the net, and forums to ask all kinds of (ignorant) questions. But, Idle hands and all....
    I try to ignore the dumb shit and the idiot flamers. There are lots of cool folks here with all kinds of educated input. Ignore the rude dogs and the flamers, too much funshit happening here to get run off by a few knuckleheads.
  4. Holy Dang. I thought about making this thread two days ago. I almost did it. Wow. Now, I did not read the whole thread, and I am probably not "seasoned" as I've only been a few months, but I come to this section to brouse becasue it has the most interesting topics and converstaions which merit entertainment and a comment.

    In other news, there was literally an exploded car burning stopping the highway; and with sports I'm way too high for all of this.
  5. been smokin for 15yrs, id say thats seasoned.
  6. 25years here.

  7. 28 years a tokin'. :)

    I think a seasoned toker is somebody who smokes a bowl and rolls around in oregano.

    But I could be wrong.

    There usually is an ebb in the immaturity once we get to fall.
  8. Thanks for replies I plan on staying like it here 2 much .... plus who else am I gonna show all my cool pics too..? lolz
  9. that is pretty sick. i hope when i am that old i will still be smoking still.
  10. Yeah, I'm in that seasoned toker range. We used to toke and listen to Y E S and THE MOODY BLUES. And I agree with the smart ass kids comment. Too bad there's not a way to lock them out. Smart ass kids is why I quit teaching high school.
  11. I read threads that you make about your weed, your town, and how cool you are everyday. Make that 4 or 5 actually.
  12. I think just because this is the "seasoned tokers" section, not everyone here is a seasoned toker. I know I'm not. But it's good to come here and read up and learn some things, and contribute to the discussion when there's something good to add.
  13. 2 years of tokin for me. wouldnt say im exactly "seasoned"...but i definetely know whats up with bud and it feels like ive been smoking all my life. mary jane has been the best person ive met and i plan on keepin her in my life. hehe.

    anyhoo, next year im moving to arcata in humboldt county. hows it like over there??
  14. yeah i would say i know a lot but i dont think im seasonal!!!
  15. I thought "seasoned toker" meant having green ears and smelling kinda skunky.
  16. I've been smokin for 34 years now....and I ain't hooked....I just love to smoke marijuana....smokin now.....
  17. I think a seasoned toker is someone who's been tokin for a while and knows what they are talking about.

    simple as that.
  18. ive been puffing for 8 yrs and still going. to me a seasoned stoner is someone w/ herb knowledge/gear, as pipes n tubes/gots his hooks down. thats all i can think of now. too high, clean tubes give good white leche
  19. Somebody whos been smoking atleast 5 years and wakes up to a blunt/joint/bong and goes to sleep with one
  20. This is my first post though I have been a member for 3-4 weeks. I've been smoking since 1972 so that's 35 years. I come here to work on my grwoing skills which are no where near as advanced as most as most of the posters. Very educational though.:cool:

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