SO what everyone doing tonight?

Discussion in 'General' started by tokr8989, May 31, 2009.

  1. :smoke: i just woke up showerd, had the four biggest gravity bong hits ive ever had(whhich is saying something) and now am waiting for my pizza ro cook>

    whats everyone else up to tonight:smoke::wave:
  2. sounds like youre havin a good night!
    i am sitting alone at home sick right now.
    it sucks, noooot a good way to spend a saturday night
  3. Well I went to pick up an eighth of dank earlier, only to find my dude had surprised me, with a Quarter.

    Very fuckin happy right now, i even called him to verify that shit, he said he was in the giving mood. hahaa


    Gonna grind a couple more nugs and get some kief.....mmm
  4. sleepyhouse: suck, hope you get better, wutcha got?

    windowpanes: enjoy man
  5. In the mountains with my parents, not smoking because didnt bring anything. So im gonna watch a movie. I anxious for tomorow, since i have a 5 piece grinder at my door right now.


    Oh, and i also am setting up to plant a couple seeds, just need them to grow a bit bigger tails first!
  6. Oh im def enjoying this shit man, havent had bud this good....well since last week at a local music fest. hahahaaa
  7. I'm going to set up my Xbox at a friend's house, and we are all going to get drunk and play Xbox Live. Haha.
  8. thankyou !
    you mean like, symptoms?
    i have a sore stuffy throat, a runny and plugged nose, and a head ache lol
    maybe its swine flu
    :confused: kindaaa doubt it though
  9. the next bowl i smoke is a getwell bowl dedicated to u
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    Woke up pretty hung over. Just got home from the titty bar with some beer and wild turkey. Eating some babbys
  11. aww hahha thankyouuuu! :)
  12. pizza is cooling off, for once im gonna try an control myself and give it time to cool before munching down, very tempted :hippie:
  13. just smoked sleepyhouses bowl, and im not even lieing, biggist hit of my life so far, cashed a huge bowl 1 hit gravity bong,nearly died, super hig, gonna smoke this ciggerate, and ggo get that pizza it will be cool
  14. thats sweet hahah, glad it was a goood hit :D
    enjoy your pizzaaa!
  15. Im fuckin so high.

    And i havent even smoked weed in what...

    Over 11 hours.

    Ate some somas, Then at some more, Shiet hittin me hard now.

    40's, Good vodka, Bout to fuck with this shitty seagreams vodka again for the fuck of it.

    Blunt rolled but im so blowed dont even need to smoke it.

    Im gone.
  16. congragulations :hippie:

    pizza is great

  17. Awwww, cmon now, you better be smokin that blunt within 5 minutes...
  18. I still aient lit it.

    Been tempted.

    But shiet slowin down drankin.

    Shiet only drank like like 1/3 a fuckin 40 with a bit of vodka.

    But im so fuckin high.

    And i love it.

    I love being high, Cuz being high is not weed for the past many years, Its drugas.

    Im close tho.

    When i hit the blunt im gon be fuckin out this world.
  19. do it, but call papa john beforehand:smoke:
  20. Im smokin it.

    But shiet, I couldnt comprehend how to even use a phone *****. Unless its a contact.

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