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So what does everyone think is the best bong design?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Jordan, Oct 8, 2002.

  1. Just wanted to see what other people like in a bong. Personally I like it medium thickness (~2-2.5") and even thickness glass throughout. Mjultiple holes on the slide is also very good. Not to mention an ice pinch with a couple ice cubes. I guess I am pretty much describing my roor... But I find all these make for a smooth bong as opposed to one that just rips and kills you (and your throat).

    Anyway just wanted to get some different opinions.

  2. HOME MADE!!!

    3.50 for tubes, bottle thingy, and bowl.

    it actually resembles a bong too, it looks exactly like a bong to be honest:D..and it hits like a mother fucker, i love it:D.

    anyway, homemade all the way, because i did it, and i can show people, and i made it exactly how i wanted it:D
  3. I don't care, as longf as that mother fucker is six feet long I'll hit it with a passion.
  4. I took an I dream of jeanie hit once.
    I woke up weeks later with the feeling I was taken advantage of, and a tattoo of a mustach on my face.

    I had to survive on caterpillars for weeks until I realized I was just in my back yard and walked inside.
  5. ooo!! one time i was in a commercial, and the sun rose and sat, and the stars rotated with the seasons or whatever the hell they do, clouds came and went, trees grew and fell, buildings were built and burned down, forrests regrew, and then i woke up on the shitter.
  6. MY LAWNMOWER!!!!!!!!

    Attached Files:

  7. I too found myself getting dressed in about 12 layers of clothing

    And grabbing a baseball bat

    And all of a sudden my muscles just popped up and were like Incredible Hulk size

    And I ran outside to the front of the house

    And stood in the middle of the street

    And swinged that bat at all the evil spirits trying to get inside my house

    Then I woke up

    And I was in the jacuzzi, with bubbles and jets. I was nude, and my clothes were in the garage. Apparently, I took my clothes off in the garage, ran upstairs naked to get my bong, and ran down into the jacuzzi, and then I had that TriiIIP

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