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So what do you guys do when dry?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by SrSmokesalot420, May 25, 2009.

  1. Wasn't sure what board to post this in. I'm dry today. Have been for a week due to insufficient funds. I got smoked up 10 times at Pointfest(big outdoor music festival) yesterday, but now it's over and I don't got no bud. Who else is dry and what are you up to?
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    when im dry i (in order)
    drink/other drugs
    work if i can
    play WoW
    browse GC
    watch tv
  3. i buy more weed
  4. i wish i had a better cash flow so id never be dry

    but fuckin school takin up all my time
  5. damn i get resin sucks but it works. i need a job.
  6. luckily ive got job that pays decently so I usually buy an ounce every 2 weeks, however when im dry I smoke the kief/roaches that ive saved up and the roaches usually last until i pick up
  7. Believe it or not I've had dry periods over the years. Usually it's by choice, but either way I don't see the big deal. So you don't get high for awhile? If it really bothers you that's a sure sign of a problem.
  8. Lol, I haven't been dry in months but when I do run out and can't pick up for a few days I usually just watch more TV...Browsing GC when I'm craving to smoke is never a good idea though, it just amplifies my desire.
  9. i rarly have dry times, but when i do i first smoke whatever kief is in my grinder, then i just do what i would normally do and just take a forces t-break lol. if im dry because of dealer issues and not lack of funds i sometimes buy one of the legal incense brands like spice.

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