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so what do u know about psychedelic's?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Ekoostik_Hookah, Aug 10, 2008.

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  1. so i just joined grasscity n i love my weed but psychedelics are my choice anything from LSD, to Ketamine , to DXM extract, i just want to hear some sublime stories n share some of my own. so if anyone has any trippin stories lets hear them.
  2. I ate 4 hits of family fluff blotter, and my friend was playing tool on his electric guitar while I was laying down and I seriously could feel music going through me and my brain felt like it was being massaged. Hardest i've ever tripped, best blotter ever.
  3. hell yeah ive played my guitar and acually seen sound before thats crazy, when you eat lsd your brain scrambles all the electro pulses that it sends out so u can litterally see sound or smell a color, i got stuck to my toung ring once but that was on fungus, anyone ever try ketamine thats a straight up out of body experiance, DXM is another crazy drug gets u schwasted!!! i know no one knows what schwasted is but try some DXM extract n reach 4th plateau ull know what i mean.
  4. Robotripping is retarted dude..
    Why? when you can eat good blotter.
  5. This be a pot forum, but mmmhmmm by far the best thing you can do in a day is embark on a glorious trip. :yay:
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