so, what computer games ya'll play

Discussion in 'General' started by Zylark, Aug 31, 2003.

  1. just wondering...

    here's my installed games


    GTA: Vice City
    IL2 Forgotten Battles
    Battlefield 1942 + Road to Rome
    NFS Hot Pursuit 2
    Combat Mission 2: Barbarossa to Berlin
    Emperor of Dune

    still hanging in there:

    Hitman 2
    RTC Wolfenstein
    Tony Hawk PS 3
    Age of Empires
    Medal of Honour: AA
    Rally Trophy
    Freespace 2

    on the delete list:

    Delta Force 2
    Soldier of Fortune 2
    Age of Mythology

    on the install list:

  2. Well, I am not one for change and the same goes for my gaming choices, hehe. The games I choose are ones I make sure that never grow old, hehe.

    My permanent game list consist of:

    Everquest..Simply the best game ever made

    Starcraft..Just something... addictive about it

    Warcraft III.. Can't say much more than I like it, hehe.


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  3. i do play alot of games, but i'm a snob and only stick with my faves usually only the very few that i percieve to be the best.

    these would be:


    Soul Calibur (and sc2 when i get it)

    F-Zero X (and F-Zero GX when i get it)

    and i wish it was still installed on my puter, Frontier: First Encounters. looks rrrreeeeally dated now, but that gives it so much more charm. still the best Space Ship Trading Exploring Space flight sim type game to date. (having said that there are a few i still need to try out that i hear are pretty good. would love to spend some time on star wars galaxies)

    (i also play civ2 a little bit still.)
  4. I goot this greaaaat interactive massive multiplayer online Game reaally dig it.


  5. lol, yeah i've heard of it. ain't that that social interaction game. like sims online, but without the furniture and scoring system...
  6. Starcraft...always and forever! been playin that game since it first came out...
  7. Games i play or have played: EQ, SWG, Starcraft, CS, DoD, NS, Mafia, Civ 3, and other stuff that I can't think of.
  8. just installed freelancer and have played around with it a bit. looks mighty impressive. kinda' like elite / frontier but more mission based (like gta) whilst still beeing open ended.

    and beautifull scenery. will take me some time getting used to the control system. flying spacecraft with a mouse, shees. i got a joystick dammit. i wanna use it!! like in freespace 2, the best ever space shooter.

    edit: i played elite to death on the spectrum back when. later it was frontier on the amiga. countless hours just vanished into thin air. or space in this case :D elite, together with simcity, got to be the most innovative games of all time. hell, simcity was *the* reason i bought my amiga 500...
  9. counter-strike







  10. Hey .ViciouS. out of curosity what server do you play on in EQ?

    I have a 63 Monk, and 60 druid on the Innoruuk server.
  11. I'm dying to shoot some people. My favorite mod for halflife is firearms. Then the specialists. But my halflife is messed up I dunno why. I think my hard drive is about to die, so I can't play again til I get a new computer (be some months) or get a new HD. And then I gotta buy halflife again cause I dunno where my cdkey is.
    Diablo 2 is cool. Lately I've been playing MUDs and a whole lot of Soul Calibur 2.
  12. Haha, Silent Service II, from back in '89, it's like 700k the while thing including graphics and audio and it only takes a few k of ram in DOS mode.

    That's about all my PC will run

    EXcept for this other game called "Windows 98SE"

    I'm pretty good at the Windows Update level, and if you're quick with the ctrl alt del you enter the bonus round, "Battle the Blue Screen of Death". I was playing "Drivespace ProJuggler" the other night trying to delete files faster than my download was coming in (which wasn't exactly fast at 28.8k dialup) and my second harddrive that don't work fell out of the case and hit me in the foot. I gotta duct tape it in better next time.

  13. gee, toosick. i think your PC is a museum piece by now. and a 28.8 modem? i mean 56k is slow. but if all you do is use the web on it, why bother shelling out all those cash. but i would upgrade that modem though.
  14. damn toosicks i think ya need a new comp or an upgrade. Well have fun battling the blue screen of death. lol
  15. Well, i do have a 56k but i can't connect at thet, the last upgrade to my town's phone system was done shortly after phones were invented.

    I fixed my harddrive tho, and thanks to some dumpster divin' for technology i got me 6.7 gigs more than I had.

    Spend money on computers? HELL NO! I'll keep dumpster divin' for "obsolete" stuff and spend my money on my addiction,,,,,,, (i admit i'm a junkie),,,,,,,,,,,,,,BIKES!!!!!

  16. cant afford it now but when i get enough im going to buy a new computer and just start over.. and just have this one, thats just going to be for games, and this everything else.. well i guess i could come on gc.. but thats it,
    i dont want viruses or anything, and i want it as fast as possible.. but o ya, the games.. for the comp: battlefield 1492 or whatever the date is.. can never remember... but also, the best alltime game, counterstrike!! and a few others, but their on a site.. some good ones there! and for ps2.. i like midnight club2, just got halflife.. played it on comp but wanted multiplayer when i had people over, gta vc, ace combat 4(easy.. or i just kick ass... prolly easy) and a few others, but havent played them in a while..

  17. I played on the Saryrn Server, i had a 57 Ranger, 57 Wizard, and a 34 Bard. I also had control of a 65 Monk, but got hacked. I don't play anymore. I played that ranger to 57, quit. Then came back, played that wizard to 57, and the bard to 34 at the same time, quit.

    I'm mostly all about CS or SC now. I don't play other games as much.
  18. Battlefield 1942
    Desert Combat mod
    Interstae 1942 mod

    Rise of Nations (you guys serioulsy gotta play this game)

    GTA: VC


    Madden 03

    Dungeion Seige

    C&C Red Alert
    C&C Red alert 2
    C&C Tiberan Sun
    C&C Generals
    (best 4 games ever right there)

    Half Life
    Counterstrike mod
    Team Fortress mod
    Firearms mod


    Serious Sam

    Deus Ex

    I love comp games, and I'm trying to find a good clan I can join for BF1942 Desert Combat, might just have to put toghter my own.
  19. i'll soon be joining a bf1942 clan, so you won't see much of me the next few weeks. gotta get up to speed, and train train train :D

    just finished some 10 hours straigh of WW2 mayhem. now i'm hungry. food, got to have. now. tired too. hmm. coffee.
  20. screw coffee, its all about the bawls

    what clan you on? You guys got a server? I'll come and whoop your whole clans ass on somthing aircraft based (iwo jima, wake, coral sea) ;) jk, serioulsy though if you got a server, or a server you always play on, pm me it.

    whoopsiedaisy, check ur pms

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