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So what am I now?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by smokinokie, Sep 5, 2001.


Is this my first time at posting a poll?

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  1. This is one of the coolest threads I have ever read on this site so far :smoke:
  2. #102 ICGreen, May 7, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 7, 2011

    It is sweet seeing an original posting here again. Welcome back Smokinokie. :wave:

    You and the new TheJester4Yall deserve a bowl in your honor. please hang around and help some of us old farts (53) guide and even learn from some of these youngsters. :smoke:

    OOps , too freaking buzzen; TheJester4Yall PM SJ, or rfml and show them your history. I'd bet since you still have the other account they may reinstate your old account. Great term Blades and then the added Bladies.
  3. Thankee IC. Kind words always give a warm fuzzy feeling. Or maybe it's the flannel briefs.

    Find myself back in the city a lot these days. Just like it always was, except on a much grander scale.
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  4. Dang I am somewhat new here, but I am glad to see such an old thread still living. Nice revive.
  5. Ha ha, if it is flannel ye must be a current or former northerneer like I (former Maine-iac, now in Az). :smoke:
  6. Can't wait to see this thread in 10 years.

    Almost like a time capsule.
  7. #108 coogs, May 7, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 7, 2011

    tell me you're from the dirty L-A, which is why u hyphonated that word to not confuse it with the hockey team :D

    props to joker... thejoker... whatever. you are the man.

    EDIT: 420th post!! AWEEEE YEAH
  8. I say we are all stoners, it fits us :)
  9. We are blades..
  10. and Bladies. :smoke:
  11. and some are bladetards.
  12. ^^ Those ones just have to much fertilizer on them. :p :smoke:

    Not L-A, more as in the State of Maine residents; Maine-iacs. :smoke:
  13. i felt a wierd sense of peace, and inner completeness when reading this thread. havnt felt that way in years. the wierd thing is, im also completely sober.

  14. I agree-

    it's like all of us blades just learned a bit about our history. It truly makes me happy. And it makes me feel a connection to everyone on this thread.

    So many things could be said about this thread..
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  15. Yea, us blades are pretty cool people. :bongin:

  16. So kids, it started long ago.

    It's future belongs to you.

    Make us proud.

    And will everyone posting from this point on,


  17. I suppose blades, you know, like a blade of grass, grasscity. Get it?
  18. I believe they may have and they want to be linked to a historical thread.
    i hope you still lurk and post, some of us "kids" are well over 50. :smoke:

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