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So what am I now?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by smokinokie, Sep 5, 2001.


Is this my first time at posting a poll?

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    99 vote(s)
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    72 vote(s)
  1. I like how the poll is pretty much 50/50.
  2. We got people.

    ... and retards.
  3. if you guys havent noticed this thread is from 2001. i bumped to let people know how the term blades originated.
  4. mmm what are we?
    say blades alright but I´ve been thinking
    in a grasscity (a real city) I would be a fireman(for obvious reasons)
  5. I vote this thread be archived as a milestone in GC history
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  6. hahaha and this is where it all began...

  7. and there it is...funny, and the guy who said it hasn't been on since 3 months after that, almost 10 years. I wonder if he even knew...
  8. We hall refer to each other as Grassers or Grassitzens
    However, big business might refer to us as Grassets (Grass + assets)
  9. #49 smokinokie, May 1, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 1, 2011
    Good bump WildWill!

    Thank god for editing! I mean Good bump Mushroom!
  10. This post will leave my stamp in this glorious thread.
  11. i will plant my bladulous seeds into this firm and welcoming earth..
    lives the fuck on man.
  12. Damn this thread is trippy as hell. =) everyone did end up calling everyone else blades. thats awesome.
  13. Wow, holy shit. This is a piece of fucking history. The guy who came up with this must be pretty proud of himself. :smoke: I am now a part of this historic thread
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  14. Lol the mods on the first page are HAF.

  15. Wow who woulda thought a young coke head (@ the time) would leave such an impact!! Freakin amazing.. I'm Baaaaaack :) Props to a Smokie Jo for informing me of such an accomplishment. I'm glad you folks liked it enough to call it "history". I woulda called it a super high 18yr olds only good idea in 2001. Blades stuck, who'da thunk it.
  16. It's like a history class lol
  17. What happened to your old account? lol been so long they disabled it?

    I think it warrants reinstatement based on the history.

    By the way, not only did blades stick. Ladies refer to themselves as Bladies.....

  18. i smell troll, i doubt its him. but this thread is crazy... almost 10 fricken years...
  19. This was posted 6 days before 9/11. Anyway, yeah man. Almost 10 years. I'd be a small little guy back then.

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