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So what am I now?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by smokinokie, Sep 5, 2001.


Is this my first time at posting a poll?

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  1. Do they still make Moxie?
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  2. Ahhhh, so that's where the term everything is in perspective!
  3. the blade thing could become the next "pothead" or "stoner" but we can't tell anyone who doesnt' smoke pot about it hihihi too high to make sense sorry all
  4. We are blades.

    Blades of grass in a field of green.

    What a scream, that some green, smoked through a screen can bring together so many humans for a beautifull dream.
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  5. Ahhh...that's nice, Mr. Spliff!!!!

    That would be a great motto for us!!!!!

  6. Thanks!
    I have read some of your posts and find that we have some of the same thought on the ignorance and stupidity that our government uses to restrict the inivitable.
    I wish you peace and good smoke.
  7. Mr.Spliff that's a cool motto!
    YOu sure you're not Dr.Suess however?

  8. im liking blades
  9. I just love this thread.
    BTW one of these days I'm gonna get my avatar to wink at you.

  10. ahh... it'll be like digit's scary ass eyes that blink... that would freak me out... even more so 'cause you only have 1. lmao!
  11. this thread should not die
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  12. This thread is GC history. Holly shit lol.
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  13. Jesus....

    What are we...
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  14. #35 marin274, Jul 18, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 18, 2010
    Dude, thank you for reviving this thread. It is amazing. Especially since we can look back on it and be like wow...we actually DID become blades.... BEAUTIFUL! rep+
  15. i always thought it was blades
  16. holy shit, i feel like i just stepped into a time machine... :hippie:

    fuckin history!!! all of these oldschool blades knew how it was! they called it on this place blowing up, and all of the cool kids sayin blades

    aww yee
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  17. holy shit i was wondering what was going on until i read the date of that first post. i was thinkin the whole time like wtf? i thought we already were blades
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  18. Grastopi

    I don't care how old this is.


    Im a Grasstopus
  19. we're potheads

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