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    You know, like a true Taoist, I tend not to dwell in the realm of the nonliving much. I guess you might not believe that just like someone who didn't believe that I could sleep without wondering about the little details of evolutionary theory and how it works exactly. Anyway, take it or leave it. I figure there are some others on here like me in that regard.

    Anyway, so I was considering it tonight after smoking some nice Bubba Kush and I meditated on the idea of just being an "energy being". What is an energy being, first of all? Well, I'd say energized energy, quite simply. How could I find a word that everyone would interpret the same?

    Well, what separates us from energy itself? Our consciousness? Our memories? We all know we're going to die, right? Anyone still feel like they are physically immortal? If we were energy beings, what could we look to for an indication of the experience of dying? Well, I tried to picture a photon (light-electron particle) "dying"... and what I saw was a slow fading of energy (light) until it is no longer visibly apparent. Where do photons go when they die (are used up)? Do they go anywhere at all? Is movement real?

    If we're energy beings, and we die, do we not just transform undetectably, at least from the perspective of current experience?

    Oh shit... this is some good weed, I guess. Was there even a point to this? :p
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    This is what I tend to lean towards the most, but just in the sense that if it weren't for those photons we wouldn't even exist. Energy is infinite, and when you die you do transform, into some nice fertilizer! Because to say transform is to assume a form, why do we assume a form? We must be formless, like water. :) I think the soul lives on, it must at the very least through memory. There's no way I'll know until that time comes, so I'll just make sure I'm comfortable with death and let it make it's way towards me. Or maybe I'll NEVER die?! MUAHAHA.

    Is there a point to anything? Or is it just there to be pondered? :p

    There most definitely is a .
  3. Again, words don't do this idea justice. To truly know an idea, you would forget the words that strive to describe it, which clutter space unnecessarily. But the idea is that "transform" is the best word we have to approximate what I mean.

    Metaphorize: You are the transformation. Not an apparent form that transforms.
  4. Ahh, you know there are still few ideas I have come to just know, but I know what you speak of. The language gets in the way of many of my ideas, I can summon them in my head, but when brought to my tongue I get all twisted up.

    You are the transformation in all things.
  5. The things extend you, but not in your innate (in-natural) form. [the appearance of transformation]

    We see a problem with people taking things literally when people collect/consume material things, thinking they will be secure in their artificial surroundings (fortress). It's a shame that they don't even recognize their own folly.

    No further moral judgment can be made, (un)fortunately. We don't know why we are they way we are, and we try to pleasure ourselves with the how. It still matters most what we do, or in the energistic case what we don't (appear to) do.

    No pun intended.
  6. *If only we could shed the light.

    **Aint it the truth? I guess you don't really need to know why we are the way we are, I take joy in reflecting on the little hints here and there, those vague sets of information produce some wild thoughts in my cranium and give me a sense of comfort in not knowing.

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    A box of imaginary tools.

    No you fools! They aren't for anything but "image"-ination...!

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    This is the way I tend to interpret my existence too, as one particular manifestation of energy. When this manifestations ends, I will manifest again in some other form (a photon, someone else, a cat, a tree, a computer speaker?) continuing this energy cycle as it was and as it will always be.

    Whether or not my "I" (subjective) consciousness or any other consciousness carries from one manifestation to the next is anyone's guess. Personally, I believe my consciousness will end when this manifestation ends. Ultimately I am more subtle than my consciousness, and the subtlest subtlety could be my "root" energy, or my eternal energy that has no birth and no death; it just transfers in endless manifestation.

    Of course, I won't find out 'til I get there. But this concept brings me to total peace with my death, so that I neither fear, welcome, nor worry about my death, which is the most useful in the present moment :)
  9. The energy goes back to the infinite source. who knows.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Advent Children - Marlene Introduction[/ame]
  10. As knowledge approaches practice, the limit of the potential of your personal existence approaches infinity.
  11. "life is like a drop of rain getting closer and closer to falling into a lake, and then when you hit the lake there is no more rain drop, only the lake." - scatmanrav

    i imagine it to be similar to feelings of letting go or melding with the light in a psychedelic experience.
  12. Definitely a thought-provoking metaphor... :) I like that.

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