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So wat exactly is a dirty high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Exodus2011, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. So i always hear people say their high was "cleaner". Wat exactly do you think when a high is "dirty"? to me, sometimes I get high and just get paranoid as hell for some reason. My mindset and everything is good but I still get paranoid. I usually consider these the "dirty highs".
  2. I'm not trolling either I wouldn't joke about this. I hate the dirty highs. I get anxious as fuck. It's usually with shitty weed and some mids which tend to be nasty.
  3. When I smoke a lot of mids at once I will get a dirty high..(feel tired,stupid,dizzy)
  4. What I did with your mother last night! ah hahahaha.
  5. Fucking laced shit idk
  6. Maybe when you have paranoia, I dunno.
  7. maybe by "cleaner" they mean the slang term "betteR/nice/clean"

  8. yea that's what i mean. lower quality weed makes you more paranoid than higher quality in my opinion. maybe it's my preconceived ideas but still

  9. This is what people refer to as a "dirty high", although no one ever calls it that. A clean high is usually from a vaporizer as there are no toxins that cloud you up and make you feel tired.
  10. More side effects, more burn out. A clean high feels a little light headed and relaxed. A dirty high, if you want to call it that, is more narcotic feeling.
  11. I picked up a half O of regs once, found out about "gritweed" later that day and supected the weed i just picked up to be gritweed. Based purely on the fact that i was stoned and paranoid. it was a dirty high lol. I talked to my dealer about it, turns out it wasnt.

    Btw gritweed is weed laced with glass, sand, and other things like that to make it seem to have more mass
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    This, A clean high is when you are high but can still act normal and keep up with your day.
  13. Cleaner is the slang term for clean after all
  14. dirty: smoking mids out of a tinfoil bowl
    clean: smoking dank out of a vap

    IMO its a dirty high if you feel grimey after you toke, if your feelin like a crack head then you know its a dirty high.
  15. a dirty high to me is a tired groggy high, usually from smoking poorer weed or resin. It sort of gives you a nice buzz / high but it doesn't last very long.
  16. Thats just being assed out!
  17. What I consider dirty, is when I pickup an ounce of shit and it literally has no effect.
    Fucking dirt weed doesn't even start to get me high, I call that dirty.
  18. dirty high is from smoking resin. and mids after 5 minutes.
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    I think if you think you're weeds gonna be shitty it will be. If you think you're weed is the best it will be.
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    A clean high is when someone chops up some good quality bud rolls it and smokes.

    A dirty high is when someone doesn't have weed so they locate a dozen old dirty roaches, chops em up and smokes 'em. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    I'd probably go without cuz that shiz too nasty.

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