So wanting to get a new car advice!!

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  1. From the uk looking to spend no more than 10k.

    Gotta be diesel And auto lol bored of manual and petrol is ridiculous over here

    Ideas so far is BMW 5 series around 06-08

    Audi a6 07-09

    Any ideas guys
  2. Well what are you looking for? There's thousands of cars for 10gs.
  3. you have 10k to spend on a you have the money to maintainan audi or bmw? i worked at a nissan and an audi of my coworkers works for bmw in NY..and i can tell you first hand parts aint you can go aftermarket but i worked at an advance auto and most of those are parts are trash quality wise..the biggest thing people dont consider when buying a car is maintanence costs...
  4. Im going to guess u mean10k in lbs? Not dollars?
  5. Yeah uk pounds not sure what that would be in dollars lol. Also over here there isn't a huge difference in parts from Audi to even ford at main dealers only difference being is they seem a hella lot more reliable. To be fair I'd much prefer to be spending 6-8k 10 is the most were wanting to spend.

    I like BMW 5 series m sport Audi a4 / a6 s line

    My partner likes them also but she also likes things like the s3 BMW 1 series coupe etc

    I was just seeing if anyone else had any input / ideas :)
  6. Well thats about 15k in dollars but i dont see getting a decent used 5 series for that being a problem.
  7. Yeah I've seen a thew. Around 60k miles 06-08. Just don't no war color to go for my partner likes black but I just think they show up swirls and scratches
  8. $16,130, apparently the dollar is being raped by the GBP. :smoking:

    I would go for the best Audi you can afford, love Audi's, hard to find a good one for sale used though.

    I hate most BMW's other than their top line m6 crazy shit.... Which is just because it will go mad fast lol.

    Personally though id go with a nice build and a v8.....

    also i like greys, blacks show scatches like you said, white gets dirty in one day (atleast for me lol). grey is just a good neutral...... dark grey even.
  9. If I completely honest thou these area onlyy
    Partners choices as she wants diesel if it was me I'd want

    Focus st
    Focus rs
    Possibly megane sport
    Or the obvious 5 series as mentioned above

    And if I thought it was worth and safe for me and my kids I would get a v dub split screen but I drive every day and don't no if it would be practical or reliable

  10. With you on the grey but. V8 over here is just pointless go da have even pulled their type r range which is only around 2l normally aspirated because lack of sales due to economics here.

    Petrol here is around £1.35p per litre so over £5 per gallon making a v8 get around 20 - 30 miles per £10
  11. You seem pretty set on beemer or audi and probably have a car by now but VW jetta TDI gets great gas mileage. Just another option to think about.

  12. go with the ford.If break down occurs. Youll be glad its not anything too much to fix.
    A miilionare cant live in a million dollar house.

    couldnt afford the taxes. or upkeep.

    keep it simple...............good luck!:)

  13. He is in the UK brother, if you can't tell those makes are substantially cheaper over there and much cheaper to maintain in Europe
  14. You bring up a valid point sir................cigar :hello:
  15. you're asking for an automatic diesel?

    your only choice.
    [ame=]Samurai Seppuku - YouTube[/ame]

    at least you will die with honor.

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