So, um, where is the 1.25 trillion to bail out the euro going to come from?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Sir Elliot, May 12, 2010.

  1. So I was thinking about this.

    No one has bothered asking the question.

    Where the fuck is this money going to come from? They are talking about a 1.25t euro bailout for the Eurozone. But all the european countries are already in debt.

    Where is this magical money going to come from?

    I guess the Federal Reserve running the printing presses at "Full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes!" wasn't enough, and now they're going to do the same thing in Europe?

    Printing trillions of dollars and euros... what could possibly go wrong?
  2. Your asking people who think capitalism is to blame for the current crisis where money comes from.

    This thread will be short lived.
  3. They don't even need to print it. Most money exists in electronic form only, so they'll just more more electronic money.

  4. Nope, all the money is actually printed and given to the banks.

    I'm sure the rest of the world is going do exactly the same as in America and Europe. Looks like the feds want us to move to 'the new worlds order.' :p Ladies and germs, we present you a new world currency...... 10 years later, we're in world wide great depression.
  5. What the Fed hasn't figured out yet is that Goldman Sachs can short currency faster than the Fed is capable of hitting "copy and paste" to create new money.

    The money is shorted before it even comes into being.
  6. Is with worth me posting something about the Gold Standard again?

  7. Mhmm.
  8. Well I'm sure I have some coins down the back of the sofa I don't need, if we all chip in that way it will be fine. :smoking:
  9. Rob the rich and give it to Europe, Robin Hood style?

  10. Europe IS the rich.
  11. Not really, the UK is a massive problem and Greece just went under last week.
  12. Not everyone in the European union is poor (or running socialist governments like greece), but there are a couple of countries that are members that are having problems, portugal and spain being the others beside greece i think.

    Some of the Euro countries are actually ÃœberRich, like the germans, who will be contributing the most cash towards helping greece (although they didnt want to, becuase they dont like the way its run)
  13. yeah lets give money to the EU, who was supposed to be our economic competitor. GREAT IDEA AMERICA!
  14. text book america thinking! why are they your competitor? at what point did we all enter a competition to make the most money???

    Ive never understood why people cant realise that every country 'donates' to the global ecomony doing well.

    So then, what prize does america get for 'being the best country in the world'??? :confused:

  15. Oh ok lets all be equal "YAY! WERE ALL EQUAL!.

    Why strive to make the most money? Because then the STANDARDS OF LIVING of our country rise. And I want that
  16. We are all clearly not equal mate - some people out there have morals. They also understand where $20 nike trainers come from. 5 year old children work 20 hour days to make those trainers for you.

    But you dont care do you?

    Cos you have nice air conditioning and comfy trainers.


    All I was saying before mate - was that there is only a finite number of resources in the entire world. So every country should now be very careful of how they use them. There is no reason at all why people cant start working together to use renewable resources instead of -> Invade country -> Rape Country -> Leave country.

    YAY $20 trainers...

    On a side note - I was told a very long time ago that american news stations have about 1% coverage of news that goes on outside of the USA. It defnitely shows...

  17. If you gave a shit about the Chinese or other third world laborers you would know how much they appreciate the jobs, and how it is doing nothing but raising their standard of living AND ours.
  18. Yea let's boycott sweatshops, I bet the people that work in them would love that!! You fail to acknowledge the fact that sweatshops represent an increased standard of living for those that work in them.

    edit:aaronman beat me to it again but my point still stands
  19. Ooh, another, unoriginal "American's don't know shit" remark. How nice. Thank god we have the internet to educate ourselves. Might consider using it yourself because your ignorance "definitely shows." ;)

  20. I bet poor people in the USA and the Uk both want a higher standard of living.

    + what aaronman and lord chronic said.

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