So... uh, this is a carrot Chillum.

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  1. This is the easiest healthiest pipe/chillum to make for a quickie. If you wanna make it, view the video at the bottom. Pics taken with iPhone 5S. 

    Awesome video tutorial:


  2. If you really want to get creative you can fashion one into a bowl/downstem and stick it into a melon or other similar hollowed out fruit or veggie and make a food bong.
  3. dude. That is fucking epic!
  4. nice lmao. reminds of blazing out of apples back in the daay

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  5. a nice alternative to the apple pipe lol
  6. I used to make tiny pipes out of baby carrots
  7. I just made one, and it worked pretty well! Thanks

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    The greatest steamroller vegetable is a cucumber. Just hollow it out, create a pack and a carb, and toke away!! Lol

    My friends work at subway and every now and then they would create a bowl out of a cucumber, then they would toke in the cooler. I hit one of these a couple times, and it just makes the bud taste like cucumbers. It hit like a motherfucker too lol

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  9. That masterbong guy has made bongs out of starburst and pizza crust before lol

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