So today is May 25, 2006

Discussion in 'General' started by FurlongStreet, May 26, 2006.

  1. wheres the tsunami?
  2. Rumble... splash.
  3. If this is heaven.... it sucks. i am still dry.

  4. Well, the day tis young..Sorta.
  5. no tsunami yet...
  6. 48 watch...and wait.

    if it hits...

    i love you guys! it was nice knowing you.

  7. I'd be seriously curious as to how legit that is.
  8. you'll find out soon enough either way
  9. nothings gonna happen

    but if it does.....thats shitty cuz i didnt get to smoke again
  10. lol its funny how the forums are down. Probably because they know they're idiots.
  11. oh wait, my sensors are picking up that its actually a 48 YEAR window. watch out boys, it's comin in the next 20-30 years
  12. Well he had his 15 mins in fame, if I could make a website and make some bullshit prediction would you guys beleive me??

  13. of course!! how could a fellow smoker be wrong.....


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