So tired of Facebook!!! Any alternatives?

Discussion in 'General' started by Katie26, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. I'm tired of facebook... its too real!
    Does anybody know any virtual world where I can hang out privately, make friends and nobody will know me from my real world?

    I don't think facebook is privacy-safe anymore... I feel their "eyes" on me all the time! :mad:
  2. make a tumblr account, you'll be addicted
  3. what is that?

    hope its not too addicted ;)
  4. Check out 'Diaspora' Its still in the beta or alpha stage, but it might have some true potential. Esp in the privacy scene with what you want and don't want to be seen.
  5. Alternative to facebook? How about Grasscity?
  6. [quote name='"Tokalo"']myspace[/quote]

    Bahaha. This
  7. That is for sure! I like Grasscity! But its forum only...

    Would be nice to have some other "activities"...
  8. What other "activities" on facebook did you like?
  9. Have you tried going outside?
  10. Google+ ... I can't believe nobodies mentioned it yet.

    Didn't the guy that programmed that site die recently?
  11. Twatter. (I actually enjoy Twitter, just like saying Twatter)

  12. Not that I know of, and I like to think I'm staying pretty up to date with this one. Plus it's a team of 5 or so main programmers, not just one.
  13. [quote name='"psychoperson25"']What other "activities" on facebook did you like?[/quote]

    How about a game where the person who grows the most and smokes the most Marijuana wins
  14. fuck that place

  15. Outside? what is this outside you speak of?
  16. There is, it's like a facebook for stoners :)
    It has games. The people on there are pretty chill. :)

    Grasscity is the best though. Tumblr is good too :)
  17. Walk outside...Say "hi" to someone, continue one naturally.

    ...Unless you are one of those freaky cannibals, then DO NOT continue naturally.:cool:
  18. I don't have a tumblr page, but I spend time here and there checking out friends pages.

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