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so this is weird as fuck. help!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by killakay, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. 4 or maybe just 1 plane 4times just flew wicked low over my house. i just got my mlfb up and running because my mom went to bed just now. 1, no prob 2 coincidence, but 4 times? what the fuck. they were like 2-3 mins apart if that means anything. also it may have been a helicopter idk
  2. haha wow nvm its a coindy dink. i am rippppped off 5 hits of mflb. weed looks exactly the same. just got it tonight, and hit it like aa vchmp. 1st time vaper 1!1
  3. This thread gave me cancer.

  4. damn, bummer man.

    Can i suggest some weed for that cancer?

  5. Dude I wish I had your tolerance
  6. What in the fuck is a coindy dink dude?

  7. No worries... you're not the first (nor the last) stoner who became suddenly more aware of flight traffic the moment he picked up his pipe or vape. :p

    Oh, and an FYI for those curious.... Coindy dink = coinky-dink = gramma-slang for coincidence. :smoke:
  8. just googled it. ha sorry about typos, im blazed and i guess its some news chopper looking for a guy on the run
  9. no need to tell us that you were blazed.:laughing:

    But yea that would freak me, at least it wasn't a helicopter.
  10. yeah i just freaked out cuz of strangeness. just looking for a mellow high then get stuck thinking about choppers and cops and shit. like they didnt hover over they sped. lol wish me luck next time. i am retahded
  11. I laughed so hard at this thread. I love you op!
  12. lol tolerance is nice to have
  13. As I was reading that a helicopter began circling near my area..
    I would say that was weird but it's SoCal... hahaha
  14. Coindy dinks for lyfe!
  15. Wtf did I just read
  16. Dude you didn't know? The reason your hearing more jets and shit is cause your in the air with them, flying, soaring, but just on your couch, watching the stars :,) beautiful
  17. they heard people smoke weed so they are bringing in da choppers
  18. hahah wow i was baked last night. today i wake and vaped 3 hits, and im listening to flylo loving life

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