So this is the story of my first time...

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  1. So I'm bored, and waiting for my friend to pick me up to head off to a party tonight.
    So I just decided I would tell you guys about my first time...

    Alright. I was 14 at the time, it was the summer in between 8th grade and 9th grade. If any of you guys are familiar with extreme sports such as skateboarding, bmx, motocross, etc. You guys probably know about the Mountain Dew Tour which goes around in the summer. The night before, I went to this party and everyone told me to go. So I did so. I woke up really early and really stoked to go for some odd reason.

    I wake up, wake my friend up as well, and we head off to go to the train that heads off into downtown where the event happened. We get on the train. And we see this guy pullin' out a sack of some dank ass chronic. Weird thing is, he worked for the Mountain Dew tour haha. At the time I had no idea what weed smelled like or anything, but he asked me and my friend if we smoked. My friend has done it once before, I haven't. So I was just like, nahh. But I really wanted to just try it at least. He insisted I smell the baggy. I did. Oh right then and there I was in love with the smell. You have no idea.

    Me and my friend really wanted to just blaze it that day. So we came to an agreement and said fuck it, we're not going to the dew tour. We went all around downtown asking everyone if they knew where we could get some bud. And when I said all around downtown, I mean...ALL AROUND DOWNTOWN. We went to a headshop and asked them...and they gave us a phone number. Called the number, didn't get an answer. Right next door was a skate shop owned by these punkish kids. I simply asked, do you guys know where I can pick up some bud? The owner just told me "The hippies out in waterfront are sellin' some if you're lookin' for some bud" So me and my friend finally found a guy who sold us some schwag for 20 bucks.

    Happiest thing I have ever bought. Well I just kept it in my pocket cause we had to meet up with my friend Korey. We skated around downtown a little bit. Then met this guy who asked me and my friends if we blazed. I was like, yeah. He asked me if I wanted to match him. At the time, I had no clue what matching meant. I thought he meant like matches, the lighter haha. I asked him..uh whats that. He was just like...i match a bowl with you. I didn't know what it was, but said sure anyways haha.

    Alright, so me and this guy and my friends went up to sit on these steps to go smoke. He took out this bubbler and this pipe and we smoked out of those. I took my first hit and was like....WOW.

    I didn't get high though, just a tiny buzz. But right then I fell in love with the ganja plant.
  2. Good stuff man. This shit will keep you alive.

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