so this is how high i am.

Discussion in 'General' started by straitsb, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. I was sitting here, and my mouse didnt pull right when I pulled it, I thought my cord was caught on something... my mouse is cordless. then I was like, oh, the ball, it's also optical. so yea.. thought all that, and my mouse is cordless and optical. damn.

    im too high.
  2. that reminds me of yesterday when i got higher than i've ever been..

    I looked down at my carpet in my room and i saw this weird blue thing sitting there. I bend over and pick it up, i seriously look at this thing for 2 min trying to figure out wtf it is.. so then i get the bright idea of video taping it, i guess at the time i thought if i captured it right then and there i can figure it out when im sober (like its going to disappear). So i video tape it and shit. well i come down from being high and come across it again, 'oh, shit thats my analog stick to my controller' i guess i stepped on it and broke of the joystick to my computer controller :) so i have this really boring video of me taping a broken joystick and me saying 'what the fuck is it?' all serious like i discovered another planet in my room.
  3. a put a lit candle in my computer desk drawer while really high one day. coulda burned down the entire apartment complex. that woulda sucked. but luckily i realized it before any major damage was done.

    EDIT/ 500 posts :)
    i love you guys
  4. Once, while I was stoned and drunk at a party, I called my friend, and bassist for my HEAVY METAL BAND, a "silly bear". Sounds more or less harmless, but the fuckers have never let me forget it. The best part is, I don't remember shit about 2 hours before and after that supposed moment and that never happens to me. That night, I literally couldn't walk straight for the life of me.

  5. Hah, this is how high I am. I thought you were talking about a mouse mouse, like a real life one. I was like, "Why the hell is he pulling his mouse around?" :smoking:
  6. lmao, damn. wish I was high right now.. but I got to go to work in a few.

  7. lol.......we all get that way some times

  8. lol, I hate it when I do stuff like that and get it on tape or whatever... It really goes to show how dumb we can get when we're high. I've wrote "Is theis real??!!.... blank?" (improper spelling included) on a blank piece of paper, because I was shrooming and seriously thought it was a wordpad document I printed out with txt all over it, but thought it somehow disapeared because I was high... and wanted to examine it when I came down.... Nope, it WAS a blank piece of paper.
  9. this is how high i ams.

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