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  1. Um, I'm not quite sure how to start this story, seeing as I'm still mortified. I was just watching some porn, getting ready to beat it and go to bed, and I somehow managed to accidentally unplug my headphones from my laptop, and my porn started blaring throughout my house. Bear in mind, the house I live in is less than 1000 Sq Feet, and my all the bedrooms are located next to each other. So it's around 11 PM, and all the sudden full volume moaning fills the silence. By now, I'm panicked, because I am absolutely in shock. I tried to plug my headphones back in in the dark before I realized that I should just exit out of said porn. Then my mom and stepdad are pounding on my door demanding to know what the fuck I'm doing, while I'm scrambling to get dressed. All in all it was pretty fucking awkward, and I woke everyone up. Fuck me. Anyone have anything similar ever happen to them?
  2. Now what did we learn? lol jk that blows man..
  3. :laughing:

    Troll or not, this is funny. Rep +
  4. hey at least you didn't kill one of ur relatives with ur cumshot :D
  5. I laughed so hard. But yeah that's sucks bro.
  6. Not trolling sadly :/
  7. i dont get parents, they obviously knew what you were doing lol
  8. Wow that did suck. I've had a similar experience except it was just music.
  9. I laughed my ass off.
  10. That's what you get for blowing your ear drums.
  11. ^Been there done that lol, this was much worse. At least he could turn his music up and make it go away. I have to face them all tomorrow and be like, yea, I was whackin it, what about it?
  12. Pictures of you beating it or I don't believe you. :eek:
  13. Ahahahhaa..

    I did the exact same fucking thing years ago, headphones came out somehow and my side of the house was filled with the noises of sweet sweet love making.

    The only pounding that happened that night was between Rachel Star and some dude, not on the other side of my door :)
  14. One time i was watching this video that was supposed to be some sort of sexy answering machine message from some celebrity (i was around 11 lol) but it was really quiet so i had to turn up really loud little did i know about a minute into the video someone starts yelling "I LOVE GAY PORN!!". So of course my entire house hears it.... Stupid tricky videos only meant to embarrass people


    I fell for the same video when I was younger, my whole family heard it!
  16. "I was just watching some porn" is always a good way to start a story:D
  17. Atleast you werent watching downsyndrome porn , that could of waken up the whole neighborhood.
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    Downsyndrome porn. Don't say that.. Whenever I think about it to much, I have to jerk a quick one out.
  19. Damn bro that kills, dont be embarrassed, it happens to the best of us lol.

    Golden rule:: Act Like It Did NOT Happen.

    I regret the story im about to tell but.... When i was 16 my friend had sent me a link to a picture showing how to make a fake pussy.... Now at this time i was an avid 2 time a day masterbating virgin. One night i was bored, horny and High as Fuck. It was 1 AM and my mom and sister were sleeping. I figured fuck it... i might as well try this.

    I closed my door (There's no lock on my door). Then i brought up the picture and proceeded to make the fake pussy. It was simple, fill a dish washing glove with lotion, put it in the middle of a pillow then fold the pillow over and tie tie end with a belt.. Felt good too.

    I loaded up some Grade A hardcore porn and adjusted my screen so it was all the way up, And on fullscreen. Took my clothes off, backed my chair up, put my headphones on and went to town.

    Now my mother wakes up at night to check on me and my sister, i was so high at the time that it didn't dawn on me that it was right around the time she wakes up and makes her rounds.... She opend my room door to find me hunched over Naked fucking the hell out of this contraption watching hardcore porn. I didn't hear my room door open due to the headphones.

    She yelled out my name and i turned around and went into shock, she slammed the door and yelled out TURN IT OFF!!!!. I was so embarrassed that i didn't even take the glove off my dick because i had nowhere to hide it. i just put my pants on and went to sleep... Woke up that morning with a glove stuck to my dick and i couldn't look my mother in the eye for 2 days.....

    After she caught me masterbating again (just hand this time) a few weeks later i figured fuck it... if this shit is gonna be happening a lot i cant sweat it. So now whenever she walks in on me i just act like nothing happend, and it works....

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