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  1. I was visiting back home to see family who live overseas and this was during the winter break so i hadn't yet been toking (Fuck!) but this isn't really smoking related just a damn moment.

    I was going through the market place just trying to fetch something to bring back to the states cause i needed some presents for some friends. Well i found a handmade smoking pipe out of this wood and the skills these guys have. Anyhow i end up talking to some random folks and they lead me to this guy who sells watches that looked flimsy so i knew they were second hand fake watches but i wanted one anyway. I ask how much he is saying around $7 US dollars :eek: i wasn't picky but i knew i could bring the price down so i get him to go down to $3-4 after some back and forth negotiations. I felt bad being from the US but i didn't want to get ripped off either lol

    Anyways the minute i pull out the cash i had about $10 comparatively and he gives me the "you sob" look and just laughs.. I told him i needed some bus money (foreal) earlier in the negotiations but i had all the necessary money i needed to get home. I felt good about it though i had happy friends and well incase your wondering no one received the watch because of this i just ended up leaving it with the family. That's my story, i haven't had many deals like this go on by maybe you can share one where you needed to negotiate a price .

    Peace be in your journey :smoke:
  2. Sweet story dude. lol I always feel weird haggling with people.
  3. I like this story.
  4. :smoke:i agree with below OP
    damn ninja cats
  5. lol Its dramatic at best. An old story i rehashed from my document on the computer you know it was that gotcha moment i never forgot. I lol'ed but had i been high i would of died.
  6. Once in France some guy was trying to sell me a "rolex" for 50$. I just kept walking away and he finally dropped the price to 10, claiming he wouldn't be making any money, then proceeded to drop it to 8. I just kept saying no. :p

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